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This is a transcript for dialogue with scavenger in the A Broken Robot random encounter..

Topics Edit

FFEU10A1 Something wrong with your robot? Neutral 50 I've been wondering about that for an hour, now. 1
Neutral 50 I think it's stuck in some sort of loop. I tried fixing it, but all those switches and circuits are beyond me. 2
Robot's still broken, huh? Disgust 50 Yeah. I'm about ready to smash the damn thing and move on. 3
FFEU10A3 I guess that robot doesn't like your house. I agree: the architecture sucks. Neutral 50 Huh, what? Oh, yeah. That's funny. 4
Neutral 50 This robot is stuck in some sort of loop. It's been prattling about houses and supplies for an hour. 5
Neutral 50 I've given up on trying to fix it. 6
FFEU10A4 Huh. A robot stuck in a diagnostic loop. Curious. Neutral 50 Hey, you really know robots, huh? Great to meet another mechanic. 7
Neutral 50 I stumbled across this model a while ago. I just can't seem to fix it. 8
FFEU10B1 I could try to fix that robot for you. Happy 50 Thanks! If you get it working, I have a couple of energy cells you can have. Just come back to me when you're done. 9
FFEU10B2 What will you give me if I fix it? Neutral 50 I could give you some old energy cells I have. They might be worth a few caps at the nearest town. 10
FFEU10B3 Hmm... A robot complaining about you forever. I like it that way. Anger 50 Well, I'm not gonna stay here and listen to your bullying. Forget it. 11
Anger 50 I'm outta here. Good luck with that robot. Jackass. 12
FFEU10B4 It's probably just a problem in a subroutine somewhere. No sweat. Happy 50 Great. Just between us mechanics, try some Mentats before you tackle that robot. They really clear your head. 13
Neutral 50 I know they're addictive, but hey, that's just the sort of risk professionals like us take, right? Here, I've got a few. 14
FFEU10B5 I'm not interested in fixing things right now. Neutral 50 Yeah, no problem. Come back if you decide to help. 15
FFEU10C1 That's a complicated job. I'm going to need some money. Neutral 50 Well, I guess that's fair. I'll throw in 100 caps if you fix the robot, plus the two energy cells. 16
FFEU10C2 Sounds like a deal. Happy 50 Alright. Fix that robot, and I'll give you some energy cells. Good luck. 17
FFEU10C3 Forget it. I'm not interested. Neutral 50 Suit yourself. Offer's here if you want it. 18
FFEU10D1 Your robot's working fine, now. Neutral 50 Thanks. Nice to meet a fellow mechanic out here in the Wasteland. Here's your payment. 19
Your robot's working fine, now. Happy 50 Thanks. Nice to meet a fellow mechanic out here in the Wasteland. Here's your payment. 20
FFEU10D2 I had to disable that robot. It was going to explode. <Lie.> Surprise 50 It was? I had no idea, thanks. 21
Happy 50 Here, take these for helping me out. 22
I had to disable that robot. It was going to explode. <Lie.> Surprise 50 It was? I had no idea, thanks. 23
Happy 50 Here, take these for helping me out. 24
FFEU10D3 Your robot made this satisfying grinding noise when I ripped out its innards. Anger 50 What the hell, man? Why would you even do that? 25
Anger 50 Forget you. I'm outta here. Stay away from machines in the future, especially mine. 26
GREETING GREETING Disgust 50 Go away. I've had enough of your "help" already. 27
GREETING Surprise 25 Hey, what happened with the robot? 28
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh, hey there. Do you need something? 29
GREETING Happy 25 Thanks for your help, friend. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't come along. 30
GREETING Neutral 50 Hello, again. How about that robot, huh? 31
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Neutral 50 That's all I have on me, friend, no deal. 32
SpeechChallengeFailure Disgust 50 You broke it, didn't you? Way to go, Mirelurk bait. Forget you, I'm outta here. 33

Conversation Edit

FFEU10RobotTalk1 FFEU10RobotTalk1 Disgust 100 I give up. You're not getting any more fixed with me just talking to you. 1
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Disgust 100 There's no sense in trying to fix this heap of junk. Dammit. 2
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Disgust 100 I just have no idea what to do with you. 3
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Anger 100 You're not inside a house, robot. Why do you think you are? 4
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Disgust 50 There's nothing wrong with the outside of you. Something wrong with the inside, then? 5
FFEU10RobotTalk1 Disgust 100 This isn't a building robot, I keep telling you... 6
IdleChatter Idle Chatter Neutral 50 Damn, machine. Stop floating there and get moving! 7
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 This robot is broken, all right. Damned if I know what to do about it... 8
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 Maybe it's a servo error? Nah, that doesn't make any sense... 9

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