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This is a transcript for dialogue with escaped slaves in the Water, Water, Nowhere random encounter..

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FFEU03A1 Why don't we all split it? There's really no point in getting killed for it. Disgust 35 Yeah, you're probably right. Besides, just as likely you'd wait for us to finish each other off then take it all for yourself. 1
No point in any more killing over this water. Let's split it and walk away. Disgust 50 I guess I'll take being robbed over being killed. But I don't have to like it. Take your water and get the hell out of here. 2
FFEU03A2 I'm taking the water. All of it. And don't try to stop me. Anger 75 Oh yeah? We had a friendly dispute going here before you went and stuck your nose in. Come on, take him out! 3
I'm taking the water. All of it. And don't try to stop me. Anger 75 If that's the way you want it. 4
FFEU03A3 Listen, for a share of the water I'll help you take out those jokers. Happy 75 Done. 5
FFEU03A4 It's none of my business. I'm just passing through. Happy 50 Damn straight. And I'd advise you to just keep on walking. 6
GREETING GREETING Anger 50 You'll stay out of this if you know what's good for you. We found that water and we're keeping it. 7
GREETING Happy 10 Thanks for the help. A deal's a deal. Here's your water. 8
GREETING Disgust 30 You've got what you came for. Why don't you move on? I'm not looking for any new friends at the moment. 9