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This is a transcript for dialogue with escaped slaves in the Looking for the Temple of the Union random encounter.

Topics Edit

FFER69SlaveA1 You look a little lost. Do you need directions? Surprise 50 Do you know Hannibal Hamlin? Do you know where the temple is? 1
FFER69SlaveA2 The Temple is in the Lincoln Memorial, near the Washington Monument. Happy 50 Thank you, friend. We won't forget this. 2
FFER69SlaveA3 It's far northwest of D.C. Real friendly people there. <Lie.> Anger 50 We just came from that place, and I know who lives there. 3
Anger 50 If you're going to act like a Slaver, then you can die like one. 4
FFER69SlaveA4 Never mind. I've got to get going. Neutral 50 Fine. We need to be on our way then. 5
GREETING GREETING Happy 50 Have you heard? A man named Hannibal Hamlin is gathering all the escaped slaves at a safe place called the Temple of the Union! 6
Happy 50 Finally, people are standing up against the Slavers! We're on our way to join Hannibal's cause! 7
GREETING Happy 50 Thanks again for your help. For Freedom! 8
GREETING Neutral 50 We have a dangerous journey ahead of us. What did you need? 9