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This is a transcript for dialogue with Uncle Leo.

Topics Edit

FFER66UncleLeoCarryA1 I've been worried about you. You don't exactly seem cut out for this place. Surprise 50 You've been worried about me? Oh, because of the trouble I ran into with the humans last time. 1
Happy 50 There is no point in carrying your worry around with you for so long. If I did that, I would never take one more step. 2
FFER66UncleLeoCarryA2 Happy? Sure, I guess you could call it that. Happy 75 I'm glad you are happy. That seems to me to be rather uncommon. 3
Sad 50 Many people I meet carry so much worry about the future and anger about the past I am surprised they can even move. 4
Happy 75 I will try to be more like you. Perhaps that is why our paths continue to cross. Thank you for sharing your happiness with me. 5
FFER66UncleLeoCarryA3 Life sucks, then you die. You may as well get that through your thick skull. Sad 50 You may be right. Most people I meet seem to feel the same way. 6
Sad 50 I used to carry around much anger about my past, and fear about what would happen to me next. 7
Happy 50 But it became so heavy I was not able to take even a single step. So I had to put it all down. 8
Neutral 100 It may be that I'm just not as strong as most people. I will have to think on these things. {musing} 9
FFER66UncleLeoGreetA1 Who are you? I've never met a friendly Super Mutant before. Sad 65 I was driven out by my brothers. 10
Sad 75 I tried to get them to understand that there was more to life than fighting and killing, but they wouldn't listen. 11
Neutral 50 Now I wander the Wasteland, hoping to find some meaning to life before I die. 12
FFER66UncleLeoGreetA2 A talking Super Mutant? What next, a dog on a bicycle? Happy 65 Ah, you joke with me. I understand. A dog on a bicycle would be laughable, ridiculous, just like me. 13
FFER66UncleLeoGreetA3 I just wanted to get a good look at your ugly mug before I blew it away. Sad 75 Don't worry, I'm not offended. I know that I am a hideous monstrosity, fit only to be hunted down and killed. 14
FFER66UncleLeoLuckA1 Sounds like you've been having some bad luck. Surprise 15 Maybe. 15
FFER66UncleLeoLuckA2 Lucky for you that you got away, huh? Surprise 15 Maybe. 16
FFER66UncleLeoLuckB1 Maybe? What do you mean? Neutral 50 After we last met, I was climbing a small hill when the ground crumbled beneath me and I fell into a dark pit. 17
Neutral 50 My leg was hurt in the fall, so I couldn't climb out. 18
FFER66UncleLeoLuckB2 You think being attacked by Raiders is good luck? Neutral 50 After we last met, I was climbing a small hill when the ground crumbled beneath me and I fell into a dark pit. 19
Neutral 50 My leg was hurt in the fall, so I couldn't climb out. 20
FFER66UncleLeoLuckB3 You'd rather those Raiders caught you? Maybe you are crazy. Neutral 50 After we last met, I was climbing a small hill when the ground crumbled beneath me and I fell into a dark pit. 21
Neutral 50 My leg was hurt in the fall, so I couldn't climb out. 22
FFER66UncleLeoLuckC1 That sounds bad. Neutral 50 Maybe. 23
Neutral 50 After I had rested, I looked around. I was in an old basement. There were bottles of pure water stacked everywhere. 24
FFER66UncleLeoLuckC2 Obviously you got out somehow. Neutral 50 True. 25
Neutral 50 After I had rested, I looked around. I was in an old basement. There were bottles of pure water stacked everywhere. 26
FFER66UncleLeoLuckC3 Tell your crazy stories to somehow who cares. Sad 50 Of course. I'm sorry. You're really the only person I have to talk to. I forget myself sometimes. 27
FFER66UncleLeoLuckD1 That was a stroke of good luck. Neutral 50 Maybe. 28
Neutral 50 I gathered up all I could carry, and once my leg felt better I climbed out of the hole and went on my way. 29
Neutral 50 The next day, I came upon a group of humans. Usually your people leave me alone, but they saw the water I was carrying and attacked. 30
Sad 50 I dropped the water and ran for my life. I'm afraid my brothers would find me very contemptible. 31
FFER66UncleLeoLuckD2 Do you still have any? I could use some water. Neutral 50 I wish I had some to give you, but I'm afraid I lost it all. 32
Neutral 50 I gathered up all I could carry, and once my leg felt better I climbed out of the hole and went on my way. 33
Neutral 50 The next day, I came upon a group of humans. Usually your people leave me alone, but they saw the water I was carrying and attacked. 34
Sad 50 I dropped the water and ran for my life. I'm afraid my brothers would find me very contemptible. 35
FFER66UncleLeoLuckD3 I've had enough of this pointless story. Shut up already. Sad 50 Of course. I'm sorry. Other than you, I only have myself to talk to. I know very little about civilized conversation. 36
FFER66UncleLeoLuckE1 Like I said, bad luck for you. Happy 25 Maybe. I might not have met you today if those humans hadn't chased me. 37
FFER66UncleLeoLuckE2 Like I said, you were lucky to get away. Happy 25 Maybe. I might not have met you today if those humans hadn't chased me. 38
FFER66UncleLeoLuckE3 So that's your story? I can't believe I stood here and listened to it. Happy 50 You're a good friend to have such patience with me. I'm glad you listened even though you didn't want to. 39
FFER66UncleLeoRob1 Give me everything you've got and I might let you live. Happy 50 I'm sorry, I've been a poor host. Please, take this. It isn't much, but I want you to have it. 40
FFER66UncleLeoRobA1 Um. Thanks. Sad 25 I know it isn't much, but it's all I have. 41
Happy 20 Have you ever watched the moon rise over the Wasteland? I wish I could have given you something as wonderful as that. 42
FFER66UncleLeoRobA2 You don't seem to understand. I'm robbing you. Happy 25 No, you're not. I want you to take it as a gift. I meant to give it to you anyway. 43
Sad 20 Have you ever watched the moon rise over the Wasteland? I only wish I had something as wonderful as that to give you. 44
FFER66UncleLeoRobA3 I don't need some old clothes you found. Time to die, freak. Happy 25 Well, please give the clothes to someone who needs them. 45
Sad 50 I'm sorry for annoying you. Maybe it's best that I leave you now. 46
FFER66UncleLeoSupermutants You said "before I became this." What did you mean? Surprise 25 Maybe you don't know where we come from Super Mutants, I mean. We aren't born this way. We are created. 47
Neutral 50 In the cold, dark, metal place, where my brothers bring their captives, endlessly trying to make more of us. 48
Sad 75 It was something I could not do. I tried to get them to stop. But they wouldn't listen. They would have killed me if I had not run away. 49
FFER66UncleLeoWhoAreYouTopic How'd you get the name Uncle Leo? Surprise 25 I don't know. I've always called myself that. 50
Sad 50 Maybe it was my name before I became... this. Maybe I read it in a book a long time ago. 51
GREETING GREETING Surprise 100 This is surprising. Another of my kind, who does not follow the mindless killing way. 52
GREETING Surprise 50 You haven't shot at me yet. That's different. 53
GREETING Sad 50 Are you afraid of me? I understand. All of my brothers you've met have been savage killers. 54
Sad 75 I try to think I am different from them, but maybe I'm only fooling myself. Maybe there is no escaping my inborn nature. 55
GREETING Surprise 100 You are friends with another of my brothers? I am astounded! I thought I was the only one who wanted more from life. 56
GREETING Happy 50 Ah, my little friend. Our paths cross once again. I have wandered far since we last spoke. 57
Neutral 50 I didn't mean to come this way, actually, but some bleeders... ah, excuse me, some humans have been chasing me. 58
GREETING Happy 75 I am glad to see you, little one. I hope your life has been happy since we last spoke. 59
GREETING Happy 50 Hello, little brother. Good to see you again. 60
GREETING Happy 50 Hello, little sister. Good to see you again. 61
GREETING Happy 50 I'm so glad you came back to see me. 62
GREETING Happy 50 I always enjoy our little chats. How can I help you? 63
GREETING Disgust 100 Go away, bleeder! 64

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Happy 50 I hope to see you again. I've very much enjoyed our chat together. 65
I have to go now. Happy 50 I'm glad you stopped by to see me. 66
I have to go now. Happy 50 Please, come and see me again. 67
I have to go now. Neutral 50 You never any fun. 68
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Ah, nevermind! Talk with you is... stupid. 69
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Ah, I'm done talkin' to you anyway. 70
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Bah! I'm gonna go back to doin'... what I was doin'... 71
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Forget it! You too dumb to talk to. 72
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, little brother. 73
HELLO Neutral 50 Hello, little sister. 74
HELLO Neutral 50 What are you lookin' at? 75
HELLO Neutral 50 What do you want? 76
HELLO Neutral 50 Talk! 77
HELLO Neutral 50 What? 78
HELLO Neutral 50 If you're gonna talk, talk! 79
HELLO Neutral 50 Yeah? 80
IdleChatter Idle Chatter Neutral 50 So boring... 81
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 No green stuff here... 82
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 Getting hungry... 83
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 Wish a buckethead would show up... I'd rip his legs clean off... 84
Idle Chatter Neutral 50 <bored grunt> 85
SuperJoke1 SuperJoke1 Neutral 50 Who there? 86
SuperJoke2 SuperJoke2 Neutral 50 Humans. 87
SuperJoke3 SuperJoke3 Neutral 50 Humans who? 88
SuperJoke4 SuperJoke4 Neutral 50 Kill the humans! Kill them all! Aggghhh!! 89
SuperJoke5 SuperJoke5 Neutral 50 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh... oh... ha ha ha ha ha ha.... That a good one! Ha ha ha ha ha! 90
SuperTalk1 SuperTalk1 Neutral 50 I'm hungry! I need something to eat. Meat would be good... A Brahmin head, roasted just a bit, with some... 91
SuperTalk1 Neutral 50 This is boring. We should be collecting more humans. We need more of us! The bucketheads have killed too many... 92
SuperTalk1 Neutral 50 Have you found green stuff? I haven't found any. Ever. Maybe it's a lie. Maybe we're wasting our time. We could be out killing... 93
SuperTalk1 Neutral 50 I need a new gun. I want something that won't break. Something that will shoot forever. One of us had... a Fat Man! I want one of those... 94
SuperTalk1 Neutral 50 Wish I had a new weapon. Something good to smash with. Wish I could hold one of those Behemoth clubs. So big! So much crush! 95
SuperTalk1 Neutral 50 I was thinking. And it hurt! Hurt my head! But I remembered things. From before... I think I knew a woman. Or maybe, I WAS a woman... Aggh! It hurts! 96
SuperTalk1 Neutral 50 I was just wonderin'... What are you doing? Something good? Something fun? Me, I'm bored. Need somebody to kill. Or something to eat... 97
SuperTalk1 Neutral 50 I have joke for you. Ready? Knock knock. 98
SuperTalk2 SuperTalk2 Neutral 50 Shut up, you stupid! Leave me alone! All you do is complain! 99
SuperTalk2 Neutral 50 I don't know! What do I look like, a human? Talk, talk, talk! That's all you ever do! 100
SuperTalk2 Neutral 50 Huh? What are you, some kind of human? Why you care? Shut up and go away! 101
SuperTalk2 Neutral 50 Umm... Well... Ahhh... Sure... 102
SuperTalk2 Neutral 50 Ha! You talk a lot! Sound funny when you talk, like a stupid human. Ha ha ha ha ha! 103

Combat Edit

Attack Attack Sad 50 It's all a terrible mistake. 104
Attack Sad 50 I'm so sorry. 105
Attack Sad 50 This world makes no sense to me. 106
Attack Sad 50 Why is there so much suffering? 107
Attack Sad 50 I will always remember you. 108
Attack Sad 50 Maybe this time it will be different. 109
Attack Sad 50 Is life just a cruel illusion? 110
Attack Anger 100 Die! 111
Attack Anger 100 Grrrr! 112
Attack Anger 100 Grrarrr! 113
Attack Anger 100 Yeeaagghh! 114
Attack Anger 100 Aggghhh! 115
Attack Anger 100 Raaarrrr! 116
Attack Anger 100 We are the future! 117
Attack Neutral 50 Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! 118
Attack Neutral 50 Kill them! Kill them all! 119
Attack Neutral 50 We are unstoppable! 120
Attack Neutral 50 Bleed! Bleed and die! 121
Attack Anger 100 You had your time, human! 122
Attack Neutral 50 Stupid little man! 123
Attack Neutral 50 You die now, human! Ha ha ha ha ha! 124
Attack Neutral 50 Stupid lady! 125
Attack Anger 100 Bucketheads die! 126
Attack Anger 100 I'll eat your brain and drink your blood! 127
Attack Anger 100 Die, metalman! 128
Attack Anger 100 Grrrr... {growling} 129
Attack Anger 100 I'm going to eat your arms when you're dead, human! {growling} 130
Attack Anger 100 Arrrh! {growling} 131
Attack Anger 100 Huurrmpph! {grunting} 132
Attack Anger 100 Rrraaar! {grunting} 133
Attack Anger 100 Rrrhhaaar! {grunting} 134
Attack Anger 100 Haaarraarr! {grunting} 135
Attack Anger 100 Gyyaarr! {battle cry} 136
Attack Anger 100 Hhheeeeyyaaa! {battle cry} 137
Attack Anger 100 Huunnhh! {grunting} 138
Attack Anger 100 Yaaaagghh! {angry screaming} 139
Attack Anger 100 Raaarrggh! {angry screaming} 140
Attack Anger 100 Roooaaarr! {angry screaming} 141
Attack Anger 100 Rrraaarrgghh! {angry screaming} 142
Attack Anger 100 Yeeeaaahhh! {angry screaming} 143
Attack Anger 100 Yeeeaaahhh ha ha! {angry screaming} 144
Attack Anger 100 Rip! Squash! Smash! {angry grunting} 145
Attack Anger 100 Raarr! {angry grunting} 146
Attack Anger 100 Yaaghh! {angry grunting} 147
Attack Anger 100 Aaaaiiiieeee!! {angry screaming} 148
Attack Anger 100 Yaaaiii!! {angry screaming} 149
Attack Anger 100 Just... stand... still! {angry battle taunt} 150
Attack Anger 100 Stop moving, stupid man! {angry battle taunt} 151
Attack Anger 100 I'm going to eat your arms when you're dead, human! {angry battle taunt} 152
Attack Anger 100 You are weak! I am stroooonng! {angry battle taunt} 153
Attack Anger 100 Oh ho ho! Little baby scared? {angry battle taunt} 154
Attack Anger 100 Scream! Scream for your worthless life! {angry battle taunt} 155
Attack Anger 100 Why... you... stupid.. humans... always... fight?! {angry battle taunt} 156
Attack Anger 100 Hurry up and die! I'm hungry! Ha ha ha ha ha! {angry battle taunt} 157
Attack Anger 100 Now you went and got me mad! {angry battle taunt} 158
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Get away! Get away! 159
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Away from there! Now! 160
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Cover! {strech it out. Like "cccooovveeerr!"} 161
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Gonna blow! {strech it out. Like "cccooovveeerr!"} 162
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Look out! 163
AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Run away! 164
AvoidThreatResponse AvoidThreatResponse Neutral 50 Moooove! 165
AvoidThreatResponse Neutral 50 Heads down! 166
AvoidThreatResponse Neutral 50 Watch out! 167
AvoidThreatResponse Neutral 50 Nooooo! 168
Death Death Pained 100 Noooooo! 169
Death Pained 100 Never stop us... { } 170
Death Pained 100 Huuuhhhh! { } 171
Death Pained 100 Aaaaiiiieeee! {dying scream} 172
Death Pained 100 Yeeeaaaaarrrll! {dying scream} 173
Death Pained 100 Huuhhnn... {dying gasp} 174
Death Pained 100 Huuuhhhhh! {dying gasp} 175
Death Pained 100 Imposs.. ughh... 176
Death Pained 100 Can't be... 177
Death Pained 100 Ugghhh... {dying gasp} 178
Death Pained 100 Aggghh... {dying gasp} 179
Death Pained 100 Noo... {dying gasp} 180
Death Pained 100 Uggghh... {dying gasp} 181
Death Pained 100 Yeeaah! {dying gasp} 182
DeathResponse DeathResponse Neutral 50 You can't kill us all! 183
DeathResponse Neutral 50 Nooooo! 184
DeathResponse Neutral 50 He is fallen! 185
DeathResponse Neutral 50 Dead! No!! 186
FireExplosive FireExplosive Neutral 50 Grenade! 187
FireExplosive Neutral 50 Hot potato! Ha ha ha ha ha! 188
FireExplosive Neutral 50 Catch! 189
FireExplosive Neutral 50 Got something for you! 190
FireExplosive Neutral 50 Eat this! 191
FireExplosive Neutral 50 Surprise! 192
Flee Flee Neutral 50 Retreat! 193
Hit Hit Pained 100 Head hurt! 194
Hit Pained 100 Arm hurt! 195
Hit Pained 100 Leg hit! 196
Hit Pained 100 Ugh! {getting hit/wounded in combat} 197
Hit Pained 100 Oof! {getting hit/wounded in combat} 198
Hit Pained 100 Argh! 199
Hit Pained 100 Ahh! {getting hit/wounded in combat} 200
Hit Pained 100 Ugh! 201
Hit Pained 100 No! 202
Hit Pained 100 Paaaaiiinn! 203
Hit Pained 100 You pay for that! 204
Hit Pained 100 Aggh! Wounded! 205
Hit Pained 100 Ug! 206
Hit Pained 100 Oof! 207
Hit Pained 100 Yah! 208
PowerAttack PowerAttack Neutral 50 Break you! 209
PowerAttack Neutral 50 Rrrraaaggh! 210
PowerAttack Neutral 50 Huuurrrggghhh! 211
PowerAttack Neutral 50 Here it comes! 212
PowerAttack Neutral 50 Smashie, smashie! 213
PowerAttack Neutral 50 Yaaaagh! 214

Detection Edit

AlertIdle AlertIdle Neutral 50 Hmm... What was that? 215
AlertIdle Neutral 50 I can hear you... 216
AlertIdle Neutral 50 Something there? 217
AlertIdle Neutral 50 What? I hear somethin'. 218
AlertIdle Neutral 50 Huh? A noise? 219
AlertIdle Neutral 50 Hello? Someone there? 220
AlertToCombat AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Ha ha! There you are! 221
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Found you! 222
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Now try and hide from this! 223
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 Game's over! 224
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 No more games... time to die! 225
AlertToCombat Neutral 50 I smelled your fear, human! 226
AlertToNormal AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Aggh... It was nothin'. 227
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Bah... I'm hearin' stuff. 228
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Stupid noises. 229
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Oh well... I was hopin' for a fight. 230
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Must have been nothin'. 231
AlertToNormal Neutral 50 Ears play tricks on me again. 232
CombatToLost CombatToLost Neutral 50 Where'd you go? Huh? Gonna find you... Gonna KILL you! 233
CombatToLost Neutral 50 Hey! You disappear! No fair! 234
CombatToLost Neutral 50 Ha ha! Go ahead and hide little bleeder! 235
CombatToLost Neutral 50 Aggh... face me you coward! 236
CombatToLost Neutral 50 Gone! Spineless human! 237
CombatToLost Neutral 50 What? Did I scare you that easy? Ha ha! 238
CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Neutral 50 Ha ha ha. Too fun... 239
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 Next time, put up a fight... 240
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 I win again! 241
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 That was too easy... 242
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 You lose! 243
CombatToNormal Neutral 50 Okay, who's next?! 244
LostIdle LostIdle Neutral 50 You're here. You're here... Stop hiding! 245
LostIdle Neutral 50 Gonna find you soon, human! 246
LostIdle Neutral 50 You have to come out sooner or later. 247
LostIdle Neutral 50 You can't hide from me... I can taste your fear! 248
LostIdle Neutral 50 Here human, human, human. I got a treat for you! 249
LostIdle Neutral 50 Come out, come out wherever you are! 250
LostToCombat LostToCombat Neutral 50 Aha! Gotcha! 251
LostToCombat Neutral 50 Nice try! 252
LostToCombat Neutral 50 Can't escape me! 253
LostToCombat Neutral 50 I knew it! I'm gonna tear you apart! 254
LostToCombat Neutral 50 No more hidin' for you! 255
LostToCombat Neutral 50 Ha ha! I found you! 256
LostToNormal LostToNormal Neutral 50 Gone now. Pity. 257
LostToNormal Neutral 50 I wanted a fight. 258
LostToNormal Neutral 50 No blood to spill today. 259
LostToNormal Neutral 50 Slippery humans. 260
LostToNormal Neutral 50 Aggh... a waste of my time. 261
LostToNormal Neutral 50 Damn... I was hopin' for a fight. 262
NormalToAlert NormalToAlert Neutral 50 What?! Who's there? 263
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 Huh? What's that? 264
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 A noise? 265
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 Someone there? 266
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 I hear something. 267
NormalToAlert Neutral 50 That sound! What is it? 268
NormalToCombat StartCombat Neutral 50 Ha ha ha ha! Let's play, little human! 269
StartCombat Neutral 50 Time to die! 270
StartCombat Neutral 50 I'll wear your bones around my neck! 271
StartCombat Neutral 50 Gonna splatter your brains! 272
StartCombat Neutral 50 I love a good fight! 273
StartCombat Neutral 50 Death to all humans! 274

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