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This is a transcript for dialogue with slavers in the Escaped Slaves random encounter.

Topics Edit

FFER57SlaverA1 No, I haven't seen any slaves around here. Disgust 50 Yeah, okay, sure. If you see them, feel free to shoot them for me. Runners aren't worth the trouble of bringing them in. {suspiciously} 1
FFER57SlaverA2 Maybe I have. What's it worth to you? Anger 25 Okay, I'll bite. Here's 50 caps. Now where are those damn runners? {grudgingly} 2
FFER57SlaverA3 Yeah, they're hiding right around the corner. Surprise 50 Thanks, friend. You might stop by Paradise Falls if you like this kind of work. 3
FFER57SlaverA4 They're just around the corner. You can't miss them. Anger 25 You'd better not be screwin' with me. 4
FFER57SlaverA5 Actually, I don't know where they are. But thanks for the caps. Anger 75 You don't seem to realize who you're dealing with. {menacingly} 5
FFER57SlaverA7 Uh, I think I saw them about two miles south of here. Anger 75 Take me for an easy mark, eh? Bad move. 6
GREETING GREETING Disgust 50 Hey, we're looking for some slaves that ran off. Seen 'em? They can't have gone far. 7
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Disgust 100 Oh, trying to be cute, are you? Once you're dead, we'll have plenty of time to find them ourselves. {Coldly} 8

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