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This is a transcript for dialogue with wastelanders in the Survival Guide Review random encounter should the quest be fully completed.

Topics Edit

FFER25A1 Why are you so happy? Happy 75 Why shouldn't I be? I've got food, I've got shelter, and I know humanity is on the rise again! 1
Surprise 50 Haven't you heard the good news? Haven't you read the Wasteland Survival Guide? 2
FFER25A2 You must be crazy. It's never a good day out here. Happy 75 That's where you're wrong, my friend. I'm alive, I've got food, and humanity is hard at work surviving and rebuilding! 3
Surprise 50 Haven't you heard the good news? Haven't you read the Wasteland Survival Guide? 4
FFER25B1 Read it? I helped write it! Surprise 50 Glory be! You're the great survivor! 5
Happy 100 Bless you, oh bless you for sharing your wisdom with mankind! You've given us all a chance to hope again! 6
FFER25B2 No. Why don't you tell me about it? <Lie> Happy 75 It's a glory of a book! It teaches us what to do, how to live, and how our people can return to the paradise that once was! 7
Happy 100 You simply must read it, friend, it'll save your life... and maybe even your soul! Please, take my copy and spread the word! 8
FFER25C1 I never meant it like all that. It's just supposed to help you stay alive. Happy 75 Yes, it teaches us how to live, and how to return to the paradise that was! Truly, it is our guide through this wasted land. 9
Happy 100 Please, take these as my thanks. So many of us owe our lives to your great work. Bless you. 10
FFER25C2 Blessings to you, too. Surely, you would care to give a tithe for that wisdom? Surprise 75 Oh, yes, of course! Please, accept this. It's all I have, but surely I owe everything to the lessons in your holy guide. Bless you. 11