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This is a transcript for dialogue with wastelanders during the Eyebot Spectators random encounter.

Conversation Edit

FFER11EyebotTopic1 FFER11EyebotTopic1 Fear 50 Creepy, if you ask me. What's it doing out here? 1
FFER11EyebotTopic1 Fear 50 Yeah. Something kind of soothing about it though. 2
FFER11EyebotTopic1 Happy 25 Me neither. I like the music, though. Kind of nice to hear something more cheerful than what those hippies on GNR always play. 3
FFER11EyebotTopic2 FFER11EyebotTopic2 Disgust 50 Hell if I know. Spying on us probably. Nice reception, though. Wish I had speakers like that on my radio. 4
FFER11EyebotTopic2 Happy 50 Do you think they're watching us through it? "Hi President Eden!" Maybe he'll come down for a visit sometime, ha ha ha. 5
FFER11EyebotTopic2 Disgust 50 I don't know, but I'd stay away from it. No telling what those Enclave types will get up to next. 6
FFER11EyebotTopic3 FFER11EyebotTopic3 Fear 50 I wouldn't. From what I hear, you mess with their Eyebots and the Enclave comes looking for you. 7
FFER11EyebotTopic3 Surprise 25 That's worth a think. We might could sell it for parts, long as we could bring it down mostly undamaged. Hmm... 8
FFER11EyebotTopic3 Fear 25 I heard tell of a scavenger tried that up Canterbury way. They found his body a week later, scorched with plasma bolts. 9

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