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This is a transcript for dialogue with The Preacher.

Conversation Edit

FFDCAdamsMorganSermon FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 And the sun will rise in the north! No! the northwest! For forty-four days and sixty-seven nights! And we'll never notice! {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 1
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 You don't know, you can't know. Little fools. You wish you knew! You wish! But only I know! Only me... only me... only me... {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 2
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 The sky will fall! The Earth will rise! The stars will shine open their toothy grins and caress the sun with their love! {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 3
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 Oh... God... it hurts. My head... why doesn't it ever stop hurting... why? Please... please... I can hear it! Moving! Pulsing! Just leave me alone! {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 4
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 Not one step further! Not one! Come no closer! I'll do it! I'll blow us ALL to hell! All of us! Me, you... and the worm... {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 5
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 Beware, worm! I shall destroy you! With the fire of this small sun before me! BEWARE WORM! Not one step further! {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 6
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 Hungry... hungry... so hungry. What? No. I'm not hungry. The worm is hungry. Hungry for me, for you, and for fire. {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 7
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 THE SUN! IT BURNS! Why does it burn? Why have we put the sun into a jar? And what did we do with that jar? We broke it all over our little world... {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 8
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, your mother and my mother were hanging up clothes around the mulberry bush... {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 9
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 Fire, fire, burning bright... burning... fire... pain, misery, peace, love, murder, death, death, death... love... {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 10
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 Trees! So many trees! To the north! But be careful... the trees... are deadly, and the trees too will be consumed in the belly of the great fat worm! {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 11
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 A great crack shall open in the Earth and swallow the non-believers! And they shall weep! Weep! Weep! Tears and salt and earth and dirt! {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 12
FFDCAdamsMorganSermon Neutral 50 Try new BLAMMO! Soap! Blasts stains out! Blasts the whole world out! We've all been BLAMMO'd! {Insane ravings of a street preacher.} 13