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Eyes on the Prize is an achievement/trophy in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


Redeem 100,000 tickets at the Nuka-Cade.


  • By far, the most advantageous game to play, and win a large number of tickets, would be the Bandit Roundup, the target shooter to the left of Fritsch. Using a handmade rifle, with semi-automatic fire rate, and standard/glow sights, hitting all of the targets, or enough to get at least 6000+ points, will net 500-800 tickets per game.
  • Several rolls of up to about 1000 tickets may be found in each of the parks, which can contribute to the overall number of tickets.


  • It is not necessary to actually spend the tickets on any of the available prizes. Simply handing them in at the redemption terminal is sufficient to unlock the achievement.
  • The prize terminal will track the amount of tickets already redeemed, allowing for easy tracking of progress towards the achievement.

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