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The eyebot helmet is a rare metal helmet made from the shell of an Enclave eyebot. It may be equipped by a raider after the Enclave begin operations in the Capital Wasteland.


  • During The Waters of Life quest after entering the Taft Tunnel, look for a small hallway with lockers, a footlocker, and a desk. The helmet can be found sitting on top of the desk.
  • On a raider northeast of the Chryslus Building near an Enclave outpost (south of the raid shack).
  • On another raider in the far east of the map, directly south of MDPL-16 power station. There's a bunch of Enclave bodies and crates scattered around; approaching them will cause a group of raiders to spawn atop a cliff to the northwest and open fire.


  • It can be used to repair the unique variant, Crow's eyebot helmet, and vice versa.
  • As well as the helmet, the player can also wear eye wear, such as glasses or the ghoul mask.
  • When you wear the helmet your hair disappears.
  • The eyebot helmet, when worn and when dropped, is smaller than an Enclave eyebot.
  • A unique variant of this is Crow's eyebot helmet, obtainable from him by totally expanding his inventory. (Included in unmarked quest Merchant Empire.)
  • The eyebot helmet has the same voice distortion effect as power helmets when worn, suggesting that some interior electronics are still present.

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