The extended short barrel is a barrel weapon mod for the laser musket in Fallout 4.


The extended short barrel is a middling variant of the short barrel for the laser musket, and shares similar effects with the bracketed short barrel; the extended short barrel extends the range of the laser musket, as well as its value, though it also removes the ability to modify the muzzle slot of the laser musket, preventing it from having mods such as the beam splitter, beam focuser and gyro compensating lens. On a stock laser musket, this mod is best overlooked in favour of the bracketed short barrel, though the initial laser musket found outside the Museum of Freedom comes automatically modified with the extended short barrel.


Glass (2)
Screw (2)
rangeIcon range
levelIcon level
Extended short barrel (1)
Weapon Adhesive Circuitry Fiber optics Glass Plastic Screw
Laser musket 1 1 2 2 2 2


  • Like other weapon modifications, the extended short barrel can be created and attached at a weapons workbench, regardless of perks; however, the correct materials are required.
  • A laser musket with the extended short barrel modification can be found near the entrance to the Museum of Freedom, and can be picked up to complete an optional objective during the main story quest Out of Time.
  • Like many other laser musket modifications, a laser musket with the extended short barrel can occasionally be purchased off of vendors, especially Ronnie Shaw.