The evil gnome is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


The evil gnome is just like any other common intact or damaged garden gnome in stature, weight, and value but instead of the pointy red hat and cheery demeanor, he sports a scowl and black-rimmed glasses. It is a reference to New Vegas' Lead World Builder Scott Everts (also known as "ScottE"), based on the item's editor ID of "ScottEGnome" and its similarity in physical appearance. There is an alternate version of this item with the same stats and name, with the editor ID of "GawdyGnome".


This item is found within Fire Root Cavern in the section of the cave that takes the Courier up from the irradiated watering hole inhabited by multiple fire geckos and/or the legendary fire gecko near the exit that leads to the Cottonwood crater. It is surrounded by plants and is therefore hard to spot. Sometimes, it can be knocked over or moved from its original spot slightly due to the geckos running about the cave or the player being unaware of its presence.