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Everglow National Campground is a location northeast of Little Lamplight and west of the unmarked Wasteland gypsy village in the Capital Wasteland.


Everglow is a an open campground that has picnic tables and a few small trailers, along with raiders and super mutants.There are a couple of ammunition boxes and a first aid box, as well as mattresses to sleep on.

Notable lootEdit


  • Entering the trailer with the book and Sugar Bombs triggers a small battle between three additional raiders and two super mutants which spawn to the west and north of the trailer, respectively.
  • Fast-traveling here may lead to you being caught in the middle of a battle between super mutants and raiders. The raiders and super mutants respawn every 72 game hours.
  • At higher levels, after the quest The Waters of Life, Enclave soldiers can spawn here, joining in the battle between the super mutants and the raiders.


Everglow National Campground appears only in Fallout 3.


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