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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 2 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Dialogue for Brave Little Toaster in the Environmental Protection Agency

  1. Message file for Toaster.ssl
  2. Number of nodes: 7

{100}{}{You see A dull silver toaster sitting on a desk.}
{101}{}{You see The Brave Little Toaster.}
{102}{}{BLT, your chirpy, if slightly annoying, breakfast companion.}

  1. Node 0 [Node001]

{200}{}{Howdy Doodley-Do! I'm The Brave Little Toaster, your chirpy breakfast companion. But you can just call me BLT. Say, would anybody like any toast?}
{201}{}{No thanks, but I do want some information.}
{202}{}{Not now, I need to be going.}

  1. Node 1 [Node002]

{210}{}{No, problem! I'm red hot in quantum mechanics, submolecular biology and TV theme tunes. Ask me anything. First though, may I ask you a question?}
{211}{}{I guess so. What can I do for you?}

  1. Node 2 [Node003]

{220}{}{Are you sure you won't have some toast?}
{221}{}{NO! I don't want any toast. No muffins, no teacakes. No buns, baps, baguettes or bagels. No croissants, no crumpets, no pancakes, no potato cakes and definitely, no smegging flapjacks!!!}

  1. Node 3 [Node004]

{230}{}{Ah! So you're a waffle man!}
{231}{}{Oh, I've had enough of this.}
{232}{}{[You smack your head in frustration.] I've got to be going. I... I just have to be somewhere. Anywhere other than here.}

  1. Node 4 [Node005]

{240}{}{No, wait. I'm sorry. I'm not just a one-dimensional toast obsessed appliance. What can I do for you?}
{241}{}{I just need some information about this place. What can you tell me about it?}

  1. Node 5 [Node006]

{250}{}{I can tell you one thing: this is a terrible place for someone of my toast making expertise. Did you know that it's been well over a century since I had the pleasure of making toast for someone? You're the first toast consumer to come through here since the war, and, here's the real kicker: were you to actually request toast, I'm not even sure I'd be up for the task. You see, I'm feeling a little under the weather inside. It's rather embarrassing, really.}
{251}{}{That's, uh, quite tragic. So, why are you here?}
{252}{}{I see. Thanks for your time.}

  1. Node 6 [Node007]

{260}{}{I think he had a consignment of gas masks brought in before the accident. Some people even said that it was his errors that caused the problem in the first place.}
{261}{}{So, why are you here?}
{262}{}{Thanks for the information.}

  1. Node 7 [Node008]

{270}{}{Why, to make your mornings as cheerful as they can be! Say, after all this talking you wouldn't happen to have made some room in your stomach for some toast after all, have you?}
{271}{}{I thought we got past this!! I'm not hungry and never will be. So, why are you REALLY here?}

  1. Node 7 [Node008]

{280}{}{Alright, no need to shout. Angry is never a good way to begin your day. I was created as a breakfast companion but I can also be used for lunch and dinner. There isn't a time of day when some toast wouldn't hurt. If you're asking why I happen to be sitting here with a wire hanging from my side, well, it seems Mr. Handy doesn't always live up to his namesake -- the bloke started breaking down right in the middle of my annual maintenance checkup. Of course, he scuttled off to a maintenance bay and left me hanging.}
{281}{}{I see. Well, thanks for your time.}

{290}{}{Not a problem. Do stop by again. Maybe then you'll be hungry.}
{291}{}{I doubt it. Bye.}

{300}{}{I knew you you'd be back. They always are. So, do you want any toast now?}
{301}{}{I knew you you'd be back. They always are. And now that I'm fully functional again, I can make toast better than ever. So, do you want any toast now?}
{302}{}{Not right now. I need to ask you something.}
{303}{}{Nope. I must be going.}

{310}{}{Sure, what would you like to know? I hope it's about toast.}
{311}{}{What is this place?}
{312}{}{Nevermind. Bye.}

{350}{}{Hey, you fixed me! I knew Mr. Handy left the job unfinished. Now I feel better than ever! Thanks.}
{351}{}{Sure, it's what I do. See you later.}
{352}{}{Now hold on there. If you won't let me reward you with toast, then at least allow me give you a little tip. You know those slot machines you find in casinos? Well, I calculated a method that can jinx the machines out of their cash. I have an IQ of 6000, you know. When I'm not making toast, I like to ponder these kinds of things. For helping me out, I'll tell you these secret codes. Just use one of the machines like you normally would and...}
{354}{}{...And that's all there is to it. You'll be rich in no time, eating toast to your heart's content.}
{355}{}{Thanks. I appreciate this. So long.}

{400}{}{You successfully repair the toaster.}
{401}{}{You fail to repair the toaster.}
{402}{}{The toaster is already repaired.}
{403}{}{Successfully repairs the toaster.}
{404}{}{Fails to repair the toaster.}