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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 2 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Dialogue for Static Zzzzzt, a hologram on Level 4 Red in the Environmental Protection Agency.


{100}{}{You see a hologram.}
{101}{}{You see a hologram.}

{201}{}{Excuse me?}
{202}{}{Right. Bye.}
{204}{}{Sorry, but I can't understand you. There's too much static. I'll see if I can maybe fix it somehow.}
{205}{}{I don't have time for this. Bye.}

{300}{}{Ah, thank you so much for repairing me! I was dreading the thought of some visitor happening along and asking me questions which I'd be unable to properly answer due to all the static. Of course, you're the first visitor I've seen since the war, but still, *had* I encountered someone else, that could have been quite embarrassing.}
{301}{}{No problem. So what exactly is this place anyway?}
{302}{}{[He grins, seemingly delighted at the prospect of having questions to answer.] You're standing in the Environmental Protection Agency, more commonly referred to as the EPA. We're a government research facility that specializes in testing chemicals to ensure that they're safe for the Earth's environment. But that's just scratching the surface. We had all sorts of exciting things going on here, at least until the facility was vacated due to the war. Things haven't quite been the same since.}
{303}{}{Interesting. So, what exactly is your purpose here?}
{304}{}{Well, unlike the other holograms you will encounter, I wasn't created for a specific task. I'm merely here to answer visitor's questions or help solve difficult mathematical problems that the human mind cannot accomplish.}
{305}{}{I see. Then perhaps you could answer some questions for me?}

{310}{}{Oh, I'd love to answer your questions. Ask away and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.}
{311}{}{I keep seeing references to a Blue Level. How do I access it?}
{312}{}{I found another way into this facility, but it requires a passcode. The service elevator brings you to it.}
{313}{}{Can you identify some items I found around here?}
{314}{}{Nevermind. I don't need anything.}

{320}{}{Why of course, the main elevator at the surface should take you where you want to go! Why would you go through the ventilation system?}
{321}{}{Well, that elevator is not working anymore and the only way in I found was through the vents.}
{322}{}{Oh, I see. That makes more sense. Well, there is another way in. There is a service elevator which stops on level two. It should be accessible from under the Doctor's workshop. He can be found outside, to the east of the main entrance to the EPA. You will need an access code to get inside, however. Since I am grateful for you repairing me, I shall tell you code. The code is "FLOWERPOT".}
{323}{}{Thanks. Let me ask you something else.}
{324}{}{Oh, I'm sorry but the Blue Level contains top secret research. Access to that level is restricted to... oh, to hell with it. You were kind enough to repair me, so I suppose I could give you the password. It's "FLOWERPOT".}

{330}{}{I will do my best. What item would you like me to identify?}
{331}{}{What is the purpose of this dog food?}
{332}{}{I found this syringe full of an unknown substance. Could you tell me what it does?}
{333}{}{I found this rack of test tubes. Anything specific I can do with it?}
{334}{}{What are the effects of using these drugs I found?}
{335}{}{I made some unknown chemicals with the Mr. Chemmie! machine. What do they do?}
{336}{}{I found some dynamite that was different than ones that I have encountered. How do I use it?}
{337}{}{Actually, let me ask you something else.}

{340}{}{Well, the original designers of this place always liked to place little references from movies, books, and other such sources all over the place. They found it funny and so did many others. The dog food is a reference to a movie, but I'll leave it up to you to figure out.}
{341}{}{Alright. Let me ask you something else.}

{350}{}{Well, those basic instruments for any chemist. I suppose if you want to create something then one would find a use for them.}
{351}{}{Alright. Let me ask you something else.}

{360}{}{Ah, that's an interesting specimen you have there. I'm afraid I don't recognize it. Please, place it in the container next to me and I'd be happy to analyze it for you.}
{361}{}{Alright. [You place the item in the container and close the lid.]}
{362}{}{On second thought, let me ask you something else.}
{363}{}{Reading molecular make-up of liquid in syringe...Success. Analysis Complete. Interesting, it seems this syringe contains a unique serum with traces of feline DNA. It appears to be an experimental drug with the potential to enhance a human's agility. Of course, I wouldn't recommend you use anything that's still in the experimental stage.}
{364}{}{Alright. Let me ask you something else.}

{370}{}{Ah, that would be cannabis, also known as marijuana, weed, and ganja, among other things. It's a type of illegal drug that may induce psychoactive effects when smoked or consumed. Some of the technicians here used to be fond of smoking it to help them relax. If you smoke it, you should be aware that it may cloud your mind and lower your reaction time for a period of time.}
{371}{}{Alright. Let me ask you something else.}

{380}{}{Ah, that's an interesting specimen you have there. I'm afraid I don't recognize it. Please, place it in the container next to me and I'd be happy to analyze it for you.}
{381}{}{Alright. [You place the item in the container and close the lid.]}
{382}{}{On second thought, let me ask you something else.}
{383}{}{Unfortunately, I have no information in my database which describes this item. As with any unknown substance, I'd advise you to take great caution before deciding to use it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.}
{384}{}{Alright. Let me ask you something else.}

{390}{}{This is an interesting item. Unlike other dynamite which has a timer, this dynamite is controlled by a radio trigger. Just place the dynamite where ever you want it to go off and press the trigger to detonate it. Quite a nifty item, don't you think?}
{391}{}{Definitely. Let me ask you something else.}

{400}{}{Hello again. Something else I can help you with?}
{401}{}{I have some questions.}
{402}{}{Nevermind. Bye.}

{500}{}{You open up the side panel to the hologram emitter and look inside. You see a mess of cables and circuit boards.}
{501}{}{Well, let's get started.}
{502}{}{After some time you isolate the problem and correct it. You close up the panel and wipe the sweat from your brow.}
{503}{}{You have successfully repaired the hologram.}
{504}{}{After some experimentation you fail to figure out what is wrong with the hologram.}
{505}{}{Damn. This is too hard for me. Repair just isn't my forte.}
{506}{}{You fail to repair the hologram.}