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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 2 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Dialogue for cut character Kitsune, in hibernation on Level Blue of the Environmental Protection Agency.


{100}{}{You see a specimen from the Storage Tanks.}
{101}{}{You see Kitsune.}
{102}{}{Her eyes are different colors. One of them brown as malmbrick, the other bright green.}
{103}{}{You see a slender, dark-haired woman who looks difficult to predict.}
{104}{}{She has a soft face and entrancing eyes.}

{150}{}{It's not nice to stare.}

{200}{}{Before you lies an open tank with icy cold water slowly being drained through a long, serpentine pipe. Inside, a woman, naked from head to toe, lies gasping and shivering. Looking around quickly, you snatch a bundle of loose clothing from a nearby locker and drape them over her for warmth.}
{201}{}{Whoa. That had to be some trip. Are you alright?}
{202}{}{Y-yes, the p-p-preservator r-restored my b-body t-t-temperature.}
{203}{}{Not all of it, it looks like. }
{204}{}{[You give it some time for her teeth to stop chattering. She recovers much quicker than you expect her to and looks up at you with sudden gravity.] Is... it over?}
{205}{}{Is what over? }
{206}{}{You mean the War?}
{207}{}{The War. All those nukes.}
{208}{}{The War, yes.}
{209}{}{That war ended long ago. Finished about as soon as it started.}
{210}{}{[She brushes wet strands of hair from her eyes. You notice one eye is brown while the other is emerald green.] Who won?}
{211}{}{No one.}
{212}{}{[She looks at you blankly. She's very easy on the eyes, especially for someone who was just thawed out of a block of ice.]}
{213}{}{When 90% of the world is scorched to a crispy brown, I'd say it's hard to declare a clear winner. I mean, there wasn't much left worth winning.}
{214}{}{What... what date is it? What year? Is it still 2077?}
{215}{}{Hell, no. [You show her the date on your Pip Boy's calendar.]}
{216}{}{[She stares at the flickering screen, frozen in time like she never left the tank.]}
{217}{}{Are you alright?}
{218}{}{My God. I don't believe it. I was in that thing for over a century?!}
{219}{}{Seems like it. Hey, listen, don't look at me like that. I had nothing to do with putting you in there. Hell, my grandpa wasn't even alive back then. I just stumbled upon the location of this place and decided to check it out.}
{220}{}{Well, will you help me up, or would like it better if I continued sitting naked at your feet?}
{221}{}{I was just about to. [You help her to her feet.]}
{222}{}{Why did you wake me?}
{223}{}{No particular reason.}
{224}{}{I have this terrible habit of touching everything I encounter. One thing led to another.}
{225}{}{You say you don't even work in this place?}
{226}{}{That's what I said.}
{227}{}{Then if you hadn't come along, I would've been stuck in that thing even longer. Maybe forever. (She pulls one of the shirts you wrapped her in over her head.) What's it like now, the world out there? You said 90% of it was destroyed?}
{228}{}{My world is a wasteland where every day is a struggle for survival. Most people have taken shelter in the ruined remains of the old ones. Others, like my tribe, attempt to forge a simple existence in the harsh wilderness. Truth told, it could be centuries before it even comes close to recovering.}
{229}{}{It can't possibly be as bad as it sounds. [She doesn't sound like she's convinced of one word she just said.]}
{230}{}{It's nothing like America in 2077, that's for sure.}
{231}{}{[She pulls a pair of pants on.] So, what now?}
{232}{}{We never did properly introduce ourselves. My name's }
{233}{}{. What's yours?}
{2330}{}{How 'bout you tell me your name? I'm }
{234}{}{You can call me Kitsune.}
{235}{}{Kitsune, what were you doing cryoed away in that tank?}
{236}{}{I don't know for sure. They knew the War was about to happen, so they put me in a preservator like the others.}
{237}{}{Do you have any clue what this place is?}
{238}{}{From what I know, it's a branch of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. I was in Arizona when the War happened. I was taken here immediately.}
{239}{}{You must have been pretty important for them to want to preserve you. Were you a Chosen One, like me?}
{240}{}{Uh, not exactly. I was a homemaker, married to a councilman. Before that I wrote for several different news publications. It wasn't what you'd call a terribly exciting life.}
{241}{}{What happened to him, your husband?}
{242}{}{I don't know. Probably one of the billions of casualties. I doubt any of my family made it through the war. My God, even if they did, it's been so long... everyone I ever knew is dead. [She bites her lip and her eyes start to shimmer with tears, but she quickly wipes them away and sighs, bringing herself under control.]}

  1. dialogue added 12/31/08

{245}{}{Well, since you're giving me a choice... (smirk)}
{246}{}{[She glares at you wordlessly.]}
{247}{}{Oh, I mean, of course I'll help you up. [You help her to her feet.]}

  1. join me

{250}{}{What are you going to do now?}
{251}{}{I don't know. What do you do when you've been hibernating for over a century? Even bears don't sleep that long. The world out there isn't the world I knew. I don't know if I could stand to see what it's turned into.}
{252}{}{I know it's a wasteland out there, but you've still got a whole life to live. You're wasting it down here. Come with me and maybe we can make something of it.}
{253}{}{It doesn't look like you've got much of a choice. You can either sit down here and rot, or you could come with me. It's up to you.}

  1. join success

{260}{}{You know, you're right. I could go back to being frozen and sleep it off for another hundred years, but that would be the cheap way out. I need to see for myself what the world's become, and play a part in putting it back together.}
{261}{}{Come on then. Let's go grab a brahmin steak first thing.}
{262}{}{Don't make me regret this.}

  1. join failure

{270}{}{Forget it. It's been this way for over a hundred years. What makes you think we're going to fix it now?}
{271}{}{I'll come back. Maybe you'll change your mind.}
{272}{}{Maybe. But don't count on that happening. I should just go back to sleep for another century or so.}

  1. 2nd chance at join failure

{280}{}{What if these machines stopped functioning though? You'd be dead and you'd never know whether the world that blew itself up ever put itself back together.}
{281}{}{Then I'll watch what happens to it from wherever I am.}
{282}{}{How do you know for sure you're gonna be taken someplace special after you sleep the big sleep? I come from a tribe that believes in the afterlife and prophecies, but from a pragmatic standpoint we're all just a bunch of organic machines that think and talk and feel because of flesh and chemical components. What if there's nothing after you die -- we shut down like computers -- and this is all you've got?}
{283}{}{I'd rather take my chances in cryogenic suspension than wander that wasteland.}
{284}{}{Oh yeah? You don't seem all that sure anymore.}
{285}{}{[Kitsune ponders your words for a good long while. Finally, she lines her eyes with yours.] I can't pretend you don't have a point. Maybe... maybe I will take my chances with you.}
{286}{}{Let's get out of here, then. It's time we left this dump behind.}

  1. NPC doesn't join and leaves for good

{287}{}{Actually, I think I'm going to strike out on my own. I've always been the independent type, so it shouldn't be any skin off my back. A lot has changed since I've been away and I'd like to see it for myself. Thanks for unthawing me. You take care of yourself.}

  1. in party

{301}{}{I'm all ears.}
{302}{}{Something you wanted?}
{303}{}{What is it? You look like you have something to say.}
{304}{}{What's the matter?}
{305}{}{Is there anything you need from me?}

  1. past

{310}{}{Kitsune, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have been frozen in a cryo tank for no good reason. I'm interested in knowing what it was exactly you did before you were put on ice.}
{311}{}{Why do you care? It's in the past.}
{312}{}{We're on the road together. I want to know more about you.}
{313}{}{[Sighs.] Well, I suppose there's no need for secrecy anymore. It's just hard to break a life-long habit. You see, I was pretty much born a spy.}
{3130}{}{Alright. Now we're getting somewhere.}
{314}{}{My father was Chinese, but he and his family were no friends of the Chinese government. He was born in Beijing but got the most important aspect of his education here, in the States. When he returned home and got a job as a public servant, he'd already been recruited by the Americans as an intelligence agent.}
{315}{}{I'm not overly familiar with the politics of your time, but I think I follow what you're saying: Your dad was Chinese, but he was secretly a spy for the Americans. So did the Chinese ever suspect him?}
{316}{}{My father worked at the Ministry of Agriculture for thirty-eight years.}
{317}{}{Uh, alright, I guess that's a "no". So when did you enter the picture?}
{318}{}{Well, one day, an aide to the official my father was working for caught him making copies of secret documents.}
{319}{}{That couldn't have been good...}
{320}{}{Actually, it didn't turn out so bad. You see, she thought along the same lines as my father, and within a couple of months, they were married.}
{321}{}{Some guys have all the luck, huh?}
{3210}{}{Alright, now that I know your dad's life story, would you mind getting to the part about you?}
{322}{}{They had me a year later. I was raised in China under the facade of a patriot. In school I'd write about how China was strongest when unified, and how we had to continue to strive toward social equality. When I was older I wrote for nationalist newspapers and participated in debates supporting the ruling party.}
{323}{}{Wow, most of that went way over my head. But if I understand correctly, you're saying you and your parents deceived the Chinese into thinking you were loyal.}
{324}{}{Your parents took great pains to make sure your family's true loyalties stayed secret.}
{325}{}{All warfare is based on deception. My parents loved their country. They just hated the people who ran it and thought it would be better off as a democracy. The way they saw it, they weren't betraying China - they were working against a government they didn't believe was good for it.}
{326}{}{Go on.}
{3260}{}{So they were traitors to their people, but for their people's own good. Got it.}
{3261}{}{Look, I'm sick of hearing about your parents. How 'bout you get to the part about you being a spy?}
{327}{}{I married an official who worked for the Chinese Ministry of National Defense. I chose him because he was the most willing to talk about his work when we were together. So I played the role of the dutiful wife, while secretly reporting relevant information back to my American superiors. But then things got complicated.}
{328}{}{How so?}
{329}{}{My father was contacted by Dr. Raynard Muldrake, an old colleague he had worked with during his time in the States. Dr. Muldrake urgently requested a private meeting, but my father was in poor health at the time and was in no condition to travel to America. Dr. Muldrake agreed to meet me in his place.}
{330}{}{So what happened?}
{331}{}{It turned out Muldrake was part of a top secret project at a West Tek research facility in Southern California. The project had started off innocently enough, as an attempt to find a way to make people immune to the New Plague, but it quickly evolved into something more sinister. Something called Forced Evolutionary Virus, or FEV.}
{332}{}{Go on.}
{333}{}{It had the potential to greatly enhance a person's strength and intellect, but the FEV was dangerously unstable. Despite this, the military hoped to use it to create an army of super soldiers that could crush the Chinese.}
{334}{}{Dr. Muldrake was against the change in the project's direction, but kept his mouth shut out of fear for his life. But when he learned that the military was testing the virus on unsuspecting, small American towns, he knew he had to take action. The world needed to know the truth.}
{335}{}{So that's when he contacted your father...}
{336}{}{Right. When I met him, he gave me a holodisk containing classified documentation of the FEV project. That put me in a rather difficult position: I could release the information contained in the holodisk and betray the country I'd sworn my loyalty to, or I could destroy the disk and bury the ugly truth from the people.}
{337}{}{Holy shit. Don't tell me...}
{338}{}{I sent copies of the holodisk to just about every major news outlet in the world. It pretty much destroyed whatever sympathy the American government still had. I might have revealed the truth to the world, but I'm afraid I also set in motion its destruction... Things escalated quickly, and eight months later, the bombs were dropped.}
{339}{}{How did you end up in that tank where I found you?}
{340}{}{The American government was hunting for the person responsible for leaking the information. They finally caught up with me just before the end. They were already preparing to freeze me when the sirens first sounded. Probably to preserve me in case I had any more secrets I hadn't told them.}
{341}{}{Did you?}
{342}{}{It doesn't matter now. Everyone's dead...}

  1. you caused the war

{345}{}{Do you have any idea what the hell you brought about?}
{346}{}{What I *may* have brought about. The world would've blown itself up sooner or later, anyhow. It was only a matter of time.}
{347}{}{Maybe you should refrain from sharing this little tidbit of information with anyone else.}
{348}{}{I get your drift.}

  1. you didn't cause the war

{350}{}{I know what you must be thinking, but you can't blame yourself for something like that.}
{351}{}{It's always easier not to accept responsibility.}
{352}{}{You couldn't have known. Besides, there were other conflicts between the "powers". They would've blown each other up sooner or later. It was only a matter of time.}
{353}{}{Humans are the worst things.}
{354}{}{I don't consider myself that bad.}
{355}{}{Nature's been trying to wipe us out for millennia. All these new diseases, natural disasters. We were some kind of evolutionary mistake. Maybe we came about too early or weren't suppose to come about at all. We've done more damage to this planet than any thing living or dead.}
{356}{}{But we can atone for it. That's the special thing about us.}
{357}{}{You've got an awfully nice way of putting it. Thanks for hearing me out. I almost feel like I can move on.}

  1. teach me something

{360}{}{Say, since you were a spy, I'm sure you're pretty skilled at stealth and all that. Anything you can teach me?}
{361}{}{Yes, I've had a quite a bit of practice with sneaking, lockpicking, and stealing. Here, let me show you a few things they don't teach you in the books.}
{362}{}{You've got it now. Remember, practice makes perfect.}
{363}{}{Hey, thanks. I think it's about time we headed out.}

  1. your eyes

{370}{}{About your eyes...}
{371}{}{What about them?}
{372}{}{They're different colors.}
{373}{}{What's the term for it... heterochromia? Is that what you have?}
{374}{}{Mine isn't a natural condition. The one on the left didn't belong to me. I lost the old one in an accident. And I've never learned to appreciate that until now.}
{375}{}{What do you mean?}
{376}{}{Ever since the transplant I always felt like I was seeing the past in one eye and the present in the other. More so than ever now. And that helps me carry on.}
{377}{}{We all have our ways of coping.}

  1. skills

{410}{}{What do you need to know?}
{411}{}{I have a black belt in sanshou. I can stab a man to death if the situation calls for it. Pistols, rifles and the like I'm decent with.}

  1. distance

{420}{}{We need to talk about the distance between us.}
{421}{}{What's wrong with it?}
{422}{}{Stay close to me.}
{423}{}{Alright. I have your back.}
{424}{}{Don't get too far away.}
{425}{}{You need your space, got it.}
{426}{}{Let's spread out.}
{427}{}{Okay. We're harder targets apart.}

  1. wait

{430}{}{Don't take too long or I'm leaving without you.}
{431}{}{I'll play solitaire or something until you come back.}
{432}{}{I'm sure I'll find something to do while you're away.}

  1. come back

{440}{}{Whenever you need me.}
{441}{}{Glad you're back. I held auditions but I couldn't find a good replacement for you.}
{442}{}{Miss my company?}
{443}{}{Feeling guilty about taking off without me?}
{444}{}{I was beginning to think you weren't planning on coming back.}
{445}{}{About time. In Ancient China, tardiness would get you hanged, drawn and quartered.}
{446}{}{Hey. I was just thinking about you.}

  1. lets go

{450}{}{You sure took your time doing whatever it is you were doing without me.}
{451}{}{Good to be on the road again.}
{452}{}{Where to?}
{453}{}{So, where are we headed?}
{454}{}{Lead the way, skipper.}

  1. party full

{460}{}{You've got enough people already. You don't need an entourage.}
{461}{}{Maybe when you've freed up some space. I don't run well with crowds.}

{462}{}{You ready to take me with you?}
{463}{}{Let's go.}
{464}{}{No, not yet.}

  1. ch <= 1

{470}{}{Jesus, you look like the Grim Reaper. You ought to get yourself checked out.}

  1. remove armor

{480}{}{No problem. I'm lighter on my feet without it.}

  1. hurt

{490}{}{Never been better. Let's keep going.}
{491}{}{I've been worse. Just a couple of scratches.}
{492}{}{I'm not that bad off. Just some flesh wounds.}
{493}{}{I'm not doing so great. More blood than I care to have coming out of me.}
{494}{}{I need a medic or I'm not going to be able to help you with a damn thing.}
{495}{}{Can't go on any longer... leave me behind or get me to a doctor. Fast.}

  1. remove weapon

{500}{}{If you insist. I can still take a man's head off with my hands.}

  1. location floats

  1. EPA

{1000}{}{I can't believe I spent over a hundred years in this place.}


{1010}{}{Not my kind of place to be born in, no offense.}


{1020}{}{This looks like some 15th Century emperor's burial tomb.}


{1030}{}{This place smells like cattle dung all over.}


{1040}{}{I don't think it'd be wise to head into this place without the proper footwear.}

  1. THE DEN

{1050}{}{I've seen worse places, believe me. Not that I'm too fond of this one.}

  1. MODOC

{1060}{}{Rustic. I like it.}


{1070}{}{This place looks straight out of a snuff flick.}

  1. GECKO

{1080}{}{I can taste the radiation in the air.}


{1090}{}{What is this supposed to be, a labor camp?}


{1100}{}{The ones inside have it so much better than the ones outside. The world hasn't changed all that much.}


{1110}{}{Just what kind of mining town do you call this?}


{1120}{}{Not my kind of place to be born in, no offense.}


{1130}{}{Good place to hide out if the law's on your tail.}


{1140}{}{I wonder if there're any more bunkers like this around.}


{1150}{}{Biggest Little City in the World. I'll bet.}


{1160}{}{They can't keep just cattle here...}


{1170}{}{Death all over...}
{1171}{}{I wouldn't want to be buried here.}


{1180}{}{We just jump ahead of nature and keep evolving, don't we? }


{1190}{}{I haven't seen buildings this tall since the 101 got leveled.}


{1200}{}{They sure locked this place down tight.}

  1. VAULT 13

{1210}{}{I've heard about these places...}


{1220}{}{Feels nice to walk into a town that looks like it has it together.}

  1. VAULT 15

{1230}{}{I've heard about these places...}

  1. ABBEY

{1240}{}{The only holy place in these unholy wastes.}


{1250}{}{It's hot out here.}
{1251}{}{I'm sweating bullets.}
{1252}{}{I'm parched.}
{1253}{}{I'd like it better if this were a beach.}
{1254}{}{Sulik, you know anything about rain dances?}


{1260}{}{This is as far from civilization as it gets.}


{1270}{}{I doubt that water would be drinkable even if you filtered all the salt out.}
{1271}{}{Any fish we find in these waters are bound to be mutants of some sort.}
{1272}{}{It's cool out here.}
{1273}{}{Hundreds bucks to anyone who dares to go skinny-dipping in those waters.}

  1. CAVE

{1280}{}{I can't see a damn thing in here.}
{1281}{}{This place smells bad and if I could see it better it'd probably look even worse.}
{1282}{}{Careful. There's probably something ugly and smelly holed up here.}
{1283}{}{Are those bats I hear?}
{1284}{}{What are we going to do, spelunk?}
{1285}{}{Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.}


{1290}{}{War... a whole lot of good that did us.}
{1291}{}{Dust to dust...}
{1292}{}{I used to live someplace just like this...}

  1. general floats

{2001}{}{My eyes bug you that much?}
{2002}{}{I could use a soak in a hot spring. Wonder if there're any of those left anymore.}
{2003}{}{I'd kill to find someone to play mahjong with.}
{2004}{}{Everyone eats and drinks. Yet only few appreciate the taste.}
{2005}{}{This world is hell now. All thirteen levels.}
{2006}{}{I believe in both God and the Devil. But I keep them at a distance.}
{2007}{}{Are we living a dream, or are we someone else's dream?}
{2008}{}{I hate what we've done to ourselves.}
{2009}{}{I wonder how long it's going to take us to recover from the War.}
{2010}{}{If heaven made us, then the earth'll find some use for us.}
{2011}{}{You thirsty? I sure am.}
{2013}{}{Man proposes and God disposes.}

  1. sulik in party

{2020}{}{Hey, Sulik. What are the spirits saying?}

  1. vic in party

{2030}{}{You interested in slimming down, Vic? Ask me any time for taebo lessons.}

  1. miria in party

{2040}{}{Your wife talks too damn much about herself.}
{2041}{}{Tell your hillbilly wife to stop coming onto me.}

  1. myron in party

{2050}{}{My chest and your eyes have no business, Myron.}
{2051}{}{How about shutting up for two minutes, Myron? Would that kill you?}
{2052}{}{No, Myron. I wouldn't sleep with you if you built me a time machine.}
{2053}{}{Listen, Myron. You don't keep your hands to yourself, I'll make you a eunuch.}

  1. marcus in party

{2060}{}{Hey, Marcus. Wanna arm-wrestle?}

  1. k-9 and dogmeat both in party

{2070}{}{We've got enough dogs following us around. We don't need another one.}

  1. poisoned

{2100}{}{Ugh, I feel like hell.}
{2101}{}{I think I've been poisoned...}

  1. radiated

{2110}{}{Something doesn't feel right in me...}
{2111}{}{I feel strange...}
{2112}{}{My hand. It's glowing.}
{2113}{}{I'm a fox, not a snake... Why's my skin peeling?}
{2114}{}{This burning inside... What's happening to me?}

  1. broken limb

{2120}{}{Got a fracture, I think. Need to get it looked at.}
{2121}{}{Feels like I broke something...}

  1. blind

{2130}{}{I can barely see, damn it.}
{2131}{}{I hate being blind.}

  1. items used on Kitsune - Nodes 4000

  1. stimpack

{3001}{}{Appreciate it. Those are a godsend.}
{3002}{}{I feel better already. Thanks.}
{3003}{}{Thanks. I needed that.}
{3004}{}{You have enough for yourself?}

  1. booze

{3010}{}{Strong stuff. Good thing I can hold my liquor.}
{3011}{}{Don't know why I'm drinking this. Tastes like drain cleaner.}
{3012}{}{Never liked booze all that much. But it numbs the pain.}
{3013}{}{Got anything else to drink?}
{3014}{}{Let's hope I don't wake up in a pool of my own puke.}
{3015}{}{There go my plans to stay sober today.}

  1. psycho

{3020}{}{Shit... Let's hope we don't ever have to face a whole gang hopped up on these.}

  1. buffout

{3030}{}{Better go easy. This stuff messes with your testosterone.}

  1. mentats

{3040}{}{Hopefully this doesn't turn me into an idiot once it wears off.}

  1. jet

{3050}{}{Habits are spiders first, threads last.}
{3051}{}{The sword is mightier than the sky.}
{3052}{}{Eye for tooth, tooth for all.}
{3053}{}{A person needs a face like a tree needs to bark.}
{3054}{}{The tree falls when the monkeys climb it.}
{3055}{}{All crows in the world are smarter than the average hawk.}
{3056}{}{A stitch of nine saves ten.}
{3057}{}{A tiger's sons are not lions.}
{3058}{}{Learn. And in learning go wrong.}
{3059}{}{The ride comes before the fall.}
{3060}{}{Fight sand with fire, magic with dust.}
{3061}{}{We must all prepare for the war of peace.}
{3062}{}{Add stripes to a snake after you finish drawing it.}
{3063}{}{The tiger may rid itself of its spots by being hard to alight.}
{3064}{}{One cannot refuse to eat just because there is a chance of growing hungry all over again.}
{3065}{}{A painting is worth a hundred years of pain.}
{3066}{}{Vicious as a tigress can be, never does she eat her own crabs.}
{3067}{}{A mermaid's fingers are short and sweet.}
{3068}{}{Kill thousands to wane one.}
{3069}{}{Keep your enemies close, and your friends right below you.}
{3070}{}{To evade the surest weakness one strikes the strongest from up front.}
{3071}{}{If your enemy is securely trained, prepare yourself for ecstasy.}
{3072}{}{Back the enemy, for him to prepare himself.}
{3073}{}{He who knows not how to fight but when, will embrace victory.}
{3074}{}{The impudent lie in wait for an enemy who cannot, and thus will win.}
{3075}{}{Invisibility possibly lies in defending the enemy at the attack of victory.}
{3076}{}{Know yourself. Know your enemy. Know your friends and family.}
{3077}{}{Opportunities multiply as we sneeze.}
{3078}{}{Impale your opponent with your ego.}
{3079}{}{Pretend weakness. Give courage to the adversary's ignorance.}
{3080}{}{Tactical strategy means a sure victory.}
{3081}{}{Cautious rulers are all generally sinful.}
{3082}{}{Break out in supreme excellence, and a nation shall quake at the benefits of prolonged warfare.}
{3083}{}{Tactics to conquer men. Strategy to evolve seeing.}
{3084}{}{There are million of ways for a cat to shed its skin.}
{3085}{}{You can't squeeze pebbles from a drop of blood.}
{3086}{}{There is no blood thicker than that of water.}
{3087}{}{There must be two suns in the sky.}
{3088}{}{Steal the flesh and mark it.}
{3089}{}{Mental is the flesh, carrying the potential that wanes.}
{3090}{}{A bird sings because its song is the answer.}
{3091}{}{Lower your voice and augment your strength.}
{3092}{}{Eat beyond your limits, walk according to the lengths you'll go to.}
{3093}{}{If a word be worth a sheik then silence be worth an emperor.}
{3094}{}{He who lives outside this plane dies with honor.}
{3095}{}{Deceive the poor. Insult the rich.}
{3096}{}{Once the heat has passed out, you forget the shady tree.}
{3097}{}{No one is closer to death as the one who listens.}
{3098}{}{Every man for all, and all for us.}
{3099}{}{All men are immortal like the Eight.}
{3100}{}{When you're dying of thirst, it's not too late to dig for water.}
{3101}{}{The taller the bamboo grows, the closer the panda comes to emerging.}
{3102}{}{Never rely on the glory of morning or the smiles of your mother-in-law.}
{3103}{}{Eyes are our sole windows.}
{3104}{}{Old age creeps up on you like a dirty old man.}
{3105}{}{Heaven is never at fault. The wicked will be paid their wages in time.}
{3106}{}{Justice is the virtuous soul that distributes itself out in the desert.}
{3107}{}{It is better that ten innocents die than one guilty man suffer.}
{3108}{}{The halls in the halls of justice are the only justice.}
{3109}{}{Lock the stable when the horse is stolen.}
{3110}{}{Haymakers under the shining sun.}
{3111}{}{Never take a gift from a horse's mouth without asking it first.}
{3112}{}{The world laughs at you. Then you weep with your comrades.}
{3113}{}{Many hands make the lights work.}
{3114}{}{A dish of carrots unsoiled, uncleaned, with vegetables.}
{3115}{}{A donkey's lips kisses a horse's mouth only when fed with extra fodder during the night.}
{3116}{}{Bring a club into a tiger's lair.}
{3117}{}{A swine casts a necklace of pearls.}
{3118}{}{Caviar Emperor.}

  1. Don't apply ERSI to specimen == horrible flaming death for specimen

{5000}{}{[As the woman looks up at your face, her eyes suddenly grow wide and she starts gasping for air.}
{5002}{}{Holy shit!}