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For the miscellaneous item in Fallout and Fallout 2, see Lighter.
For the junk item featured in Fallout 4, see Flip lighter.

Here - a souvenir for you. It's Benny's lighter. Shove it up his ass when you catch up with him.

Jessup, giving the lighter to the Courier

The engraved cigarette lighter is quest item in Fallout: New Vegas, it also appeared in the graphic novel All Roads.


Benny used this particular lighter to light his distinctive cigarettes. He remarks that it is unique to the Mojave Wasteland, and when used to light a cigarette he comments on Chance's fascination with the flame, mistaking it for a preference to pyromania, when in actuality the flame reminds Chance of the Bitter Springs Massacre. During the graphic novel, the Khans contemplate stealing the lighter, but opt out of the plan due to fear of what Vegas may do. When betrayed by Benny, they apparently carried out the plan anyway.

In the game it can be shown to Swank at the The Tops casino, evidence that Benny does not have the best interest of the Chairmen in mind.


The lighter can only be found while assisting in the Great Khans hostage situation in Boulder City, by either killing Jessup during the quest or pickpocketing it from him.

It can also be obtained by peaceful means if you decide to bribe the NCR in order to let the Great Khans go. If you convince Jessup to let the hostages go (requires Speech of 45 or greater) he will give this item to you as a "souvenir."

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  • The appearance of the lighter contrasts with each other in All Roads and Fallout: New Vegas, with the lighter in All Roads being a flip lighter while the one shown in the opening cutscene of Fallout: New Vegas is a push-button lighter.
  • The cigarette lighter is a quest item and cannot be dropped. PC users can fix this by using the console command setquestobject 00115f05 0.
  • The cigarette lighter actually uses the world model of a cigarette. This is due to the fact that it is a quest item and cannot be dropped, thus having no need of a world model. However, the lighter model exists inside the dynamite .nif file and can be animated with a Blender program.