Your nervous system has been enhanced with the Nociception Regulator, increasing your Endurance by 1.— In-game description

Endurance Implant is a Fallout: New Vegas implant perk.


Increases Endurance by 1.

This implant can be bought from Dr. Usanagi at the New Vegas medical clinic. Despite its advertised effect, it is not taken into account when Endurance is counted for the maximum implant limit. Only using the Intense Training perk to increase Endurance will allow purchasing additional implants.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name "Nociception Regulator" refers to the function of nociceptors, sensory receptors in the body that detect potentially damaging stimuli (such as excess pressure or heat) and send the nerve signals to the brain and spinal cord. This process is largely responsible for perceiving pain.

Dr.Usanagi describes the implant as a change to the cardiovascular system, but the name and perk description suggest it's a change to the nervous system.

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