Poor kid left Canterbury so fresh, I didn't want him along, but he really came into his own these past two weeks. He'd died in the night. No point bothering with these pricks at the Citadel now. We head into the city tomorrow.Search party log #3

Emmet was a man native to Canterbury Commons, who is mentioned in the search party log, relating to the minor quest Searching for Cheryl.


He was one of several members of a search party whose purpose was to find the party leader's sister, Cheryl. He was noted as being a fairly green recruit, initially finding it difficult to cope with merely seeing a centaur, but "came into his own" rather quickly. Unfortunately, after traveling with the group for about a month or so, he cut his leg on a piece of super mutant metal architecture, and died soon after. The search party buried him along the east bank of the river that separates the DC ruins, south of Dukov's Place and north of the irradiated metro.


Emmet is only mentioned in Fallout 3.