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For other characters named Emily, see Emily.
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Emily Weise is a character in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt. She does not appear in-game, but is mentioned in a Downtown terminal entry. She is a member of the Pittsburgh Heritage Society.


Emily Weise sent a letter to Director James about resigning his position due to the disastrous reconstruction of the Wabash Bridge:


Director James,

I am once again writing to encourage you to resign your position following the disastrous reconstruction of the Wabash Bridge. While I understand that it was your desire to unify the city's skyline, we at the Pittsburgh Heritage Society feel that replacing the historical Wabash Bridge with a simple copy of the 10th Street structure was laziness bordering on criminal negligence on the part of the Department of Public Works. As the director of the department, the Society holds you responsible.

I will be addressing this matter at the next meeting of the county administrators.

Emily Weise
Pittsburgh Heritage Society

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