What do you think? You know too much. What if you come back to NCR and sell him out - or threaten to? You're as good as dead already. On the other hand, I've got a better offer.Roger Westin

Eliminate Mr. Bishop is a side quest in Fallout 2.


When Roger Westin is faced with the prospect of his death at the hands of the Chosen One, the Councilman offers him a deal: eliminate his employer, John Bishop, for money and information about his objective. Should it be accepted, he has to travel to New Reno and find a way to assassinate the head of the Bishops.

The target resides on the second floor of the Shark Club, surrounded by his henchmen. There are four possible approaches to the situation:

  1. Blast Bishop apart with your favorite gun and then slaughter everyone and everything that comes in sight and doesn't start running immediately as you exit the Shark Club.
  2. Pump John Bishop on super stimpaks (and wait a few minutes).
  3. Sleep with Leslie Anne Bishop, suggest that Bishop have an accident (Traps 76% required) and place an explosive trap on his safe. Then watch the fireworks.
  4. The fourth is to change the combo on the safe and get Mr. Bishop to fall into his own trap. "Repair" the safe (Repair 76% required), and it should say you changed the password. Head down a level and wait for moment. After a while, you'll hear an explosion and get the message about hearing a muffled boom upstairs followed by Mr. Bishop getting hit for 5900 HP. This method will not turn the Bishops hostile.

Then, it is just a matter of returning to Westin and collecting your reward.


Option three is not possible if you have already found the G.E.C.K., since the dialogue options with Leslie Ann Bishop regarding her Vault City origins are disabled.


  • When re-arming the trap on Bishop's safe, the game crashes.[verified]
    • The cause is the default action handler not being disabled as intended and reading bogus data from unallocated memory.
    • It may not crash if you take everything from the safe, then put several different items back. But even then, the next bug kicks in.
  • After unlocking the safe, related scripts stop to work. In particular, it's impossible to change the combination, and the assassination sequence doesn't start if you already did that or re-trapped the safe. Neither is it possible to lock it back.[verified]
  • If you save and reload while on the 3rd floor after sleeping with Mrs. Bishop, all present companions disappear.[verified]