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Gametitle-FNV DM

The electric box fuse is a quest item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.


An electric fuse is a safety device to protect against too much current flowing into a piece of equipment, thus preventing a power overload, over heating and in the worst case, a fire.

A fuse is a thin wire, designed so that too much current flowing through it will cause it to melt. A fuse works by being the "weak link in the chain", connected in series with the wiring and equipment it is protecting. When it melts, no more current can flow through it, so the electrical device is cut off from power, and will not overheat.


  • All 4 can be found in the Puesta del Sol area.
    • 1 fuse in the same room as the fuse box, it is in a toolbox near the computers to the right of the locked door.
    • 1 fuse is in a toolbox, on the floor. It lies to the right from the stations exit inside the cloud.
    • 1 fuse is on a balcony, in a toolbox. From the station exit, turn left and go down the wide stairs, make another left under the archway and keep heading left until you are able to turn right. You should see a well-lit opening into a building. Enter and proceed to the top floor.
    • A fourth fuse can be found in a toolbox near the beginning. Crossing the boards after exiting the first building you can climb up a stairs you reach a balcony with a mattress and two refrigerators. Inside the toolbox on the side where you can find two bear traps if you drop down.

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Due the fuses being quest items, if they are not used to repair the fuse box they will remain in the Courier's inventory and will not be removable even after the completion of the Mixed Signals quest.