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This is a hard boiled chicken egg painted with colored dyes.

Easter egg is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 2.


A brightly-painted chicken egg, hard boiled. It is nothing but a novelty item and has no actual use.[1] According to Chris Avellone, then at Black Isle Studios, the easter egg was however supposed to hatch a recruitable non-player character named "The Chicken".


In the New Reno Arms basement. The easter egg is in a pot hidden amongst a pile of crates, near the bottom left corner of the room.


  1. Aaron Johnson: What does the Easter egg you find in New Reno do?
    Chris Avellone: Nothing, it's just lame game developer humor - it was just there so we could say for sure there was an easter egg in the game. I like the icon for it, though. (Fallout Bible 5).

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