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The ears of the good of the world is all I ask and currency is what you will receive.

Daniel Littlehorn

An ear is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 3.


Daniel Littlehorn from Littlehorn & Associates, located at the Scrapyard, rewards the Lone Wanderer with 15 caps and bad Karma for each ear. This is the bad Karma alternative to the Lawbringer perk, in which fingers are collected instead of ears.


  • Ears can be found on good characters (such as Abraham Washington or Agatha Egglebrecht) when the Contract Killer perk has been chosen.
    • An ear will appear only if the one with the perk is credited with the kill. For example, firing a missile at a vehicle behind the target and killing them with the subsequent explosion will not count. Similarly, any death blows landed by companions results in no ear appearing. A kill by the Mysterious Stranger will not yield an ear, either.
    • While essential characters cannot be killed, an ear will spawn in their inventory each time they are knocked unconscious. These can then be pick-pocketed from them.
  • The most abundant supply of ears that can be found are off of Regulators which are encountered randomly through having negative Karma.

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