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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for the New California Republic Rangers random encounter.


{100}{}{You see a group of well-armed travelers.}
{101}{}{They're still well-armed strangers.}
{102}{}{They have clean, well-polished weapons and are wearing some kind of badge on their chests.}
{103}{}{We're looking for slaver patrols. Seen any, stranger?}
{104}{}{Greetings stranger. Sure hope you're not a slaver - for your own sake.}
{105}{}{Nice meeting you, stranger. Don't mind us and there won't be any trouble.}
{106}{}{We're the NCR Rangers - we make the world a better place. Just thought you'd like to know.}
{107}{}{We're Rangers. Killing slavers is our business.}
{108}{}{Damn, slave-lover. You're gonna die hard!}
{109}{}{Shit - I warned you!}
{110}{}{Your type ain't needed around here - so die.}
{111}{}{Always the guns. Doesn't anybody just surrender anymore?}
{112}{}{Well, that's it - open season!}
{113}{}{Uh -- I'll go get reinforcements. Don't move!}
{114}{}{"We can take 'em," he said. Sure'}
{116}{}{Crap! I'm out of here!}
{117}{}{I'm not dying for this!}
{118}{}{I see you got a tattoo there -- the mark of the slavers. You wouldn't be a slaver now, would you?}
{121}{}{Too bad - for you. We're NCR Rangers. Ever heard of us? We kill slavers.}
{122}{}{You are such a lying sack of shit. Take 'em!}
{123}{}{Greetings, stranger. I'm Ezekiel of the NCR Rangers. Who be you?}
{124}{}{None of your business.}
{125}{}{Say, I've heard that name. You're a Ranger, aren't you?}
{127}{}{None of your business.}
{128}{}{Fine, be anti-social. At least you're not a slaver. Goodbye.}
{129}{}{Pleased to meet you, fellow Ranger. Keep your eyes clear for trouble. See you around.}

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