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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

{100}{}{You see a traveler.}
{101}{}{This person seems to be looking for something.}

{200}{}{It's a slaver! Kill him!}
{201}{}{Kill the oppressor!}
{202}{}{Kill the evil slaver!}
{203}{}{Down with slavery! Kill the slavers!}
{204}{}{Die, slaving scum!}
{250}{}{Hello there!}
{251}{}{Hey stranger!}
{300}{}{Hey stranger, what are you doing out in these parts?}
{301}{}{I'm lost.}
{302}{}{Just wandering around.}
{303}{}{Not much. What are you doing out here?}
{304}{}{Looking for people to kill.}
{305}{}{Nothing. Bye.}
{307}{}{Um, I think I need to be going now. Bye.}
{310}{}{I wish I could help you, but I've been wandering these parts for so long, I'm not certain where anything is any more.}
{311}{}{Why are you wandering around here?}
{312}{}{What are you doing out here?}
{313}{}{Well, good luck to you.}
{314}{}{Ah, well, good luck to you. Oh, by the way, watch out for the Den. They like to sell people there.}
{315}{}{The Den?}
{316}{}{Sell people?}
{317}{}{Sure, whatever. Bye.}
{320}{}{Seems people around these parts like to keep slaves. I'm here to try and free them slaves. And if a slaver or two dies in the process, no biggie.}
{321}{}{What's wrong with owning slaves? I'd own some if I could find them.}
{322}{}{I'll keep my eyes out for the bastards.}
{323}{}{Killing is never justified.}
{324}{}{Kill? I'll help you kill them.}
{330}{}{Really? That's great. Well, I have to head out and look for more slaves to free.}
{331}{}{Good luck.}
{335}{}{No, sometimes you need to kill a few people to save many. Sacrifices of the land. Besides, they're slavers; it's not like they are real people.}
{336}{}{Yeah, you're right. Well, I've gotta go.}
{337}{}{Really? Well, to me you're dead meat.}
{338}{}{Whatever. Bye.}
{340}{}{You bastard! I'll kill you for that!}
{341}{}{You bitch! I'll kill you for that!}
{342}{}{Not if I kill you first!}
{350}{}{Yeah. They attack small groups of people. Any that live go to the auction blocks.}
{351}{}{That's horrible. I'll remember to watch out for them. Thanks.}
{355}{}{The Den's a town. They specialize in slavery and all sorts of evil. They're no good at all.}
{356}{}{Thanks for the information. Bye.}
{360}{}{Just looking to shut down the slave routes.}
{361}{}{What do you mean?}
{362}{}{Oh, ok. Good luck to you.}
{363}{}{Whatever. Bye.}
{370}{}{Try slavers. They make really good kills. Nice and messy.}
{371}{}{Cool. Thanks for the info.}
{372}{}{You're here. I'd rather kill you.}