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Duty or Dishonor is a Brotherhood of Steel side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Brotherhood of Steel side quest: Duty or Dishonor
Speak to Knight Sergeant Gavil.
Speak to Initiate Clarke.
Speak to Knight Lucia.
Speech check to convince Knight Lucia to say more.
Search for evidence on the Prydwen, specifically Knight Lucia's log.
Shadow Initiate Clarke.
Confront Initiate Clarke.
Convince Initiate Clarke to turn himself in.
Convince Initiate Clarke to leave the Brotherhood.
Kill Initiate Clarke.
(Optional) Exterminate the ghouls.
Report to Lancer Captain Kells.
Reward: 300 XP &
T-60C legendary torso piece
OR 300 XP & 50 caps
OR 100 caps
Leads to: A Loose End
Leading by Example

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Talking to Captain Kells will start the assignment. He will ask you to report to the logistics department and investigate a case of missing goods over the last time.

Your first contact will be Knight Sergeant Gavil, who will brusquely deny any accusations and tell you to only bother Knight Lucia and Initiate Clarke, since none of the other people in the department should be disturbed, also as the newest additions they are the most likely suspects.

You now have multiple options:

  • Talking to Clarke and Lucia and passing speech checks.
  • Return to the Prydwen's main deck. In the area where the personal beds with footlockers are, two of them - near the 'outgoing mail terminal' - have locked footlockers belonging to Clarke and Lucia. Inside Clarke's is a note from Lucia and a key to Lucia's footlocker, while in hers - is a holotape. There are four logs on it, but the fourth one is important. Confront Lucia and she'll ask you to tail Clarke after his shift ends to find out what's wrong.
  • Alternatively, you can search the depot room for clues, and look for the terminal next to where you met Gavil. This will also advance the quest.

Either way you end up following Clarke.

Shadowing Clarke will lead you to the Boston Airport Ruins. Upon entering the ruins, you are tasked with finding Clarke. Go to the right from the elevators that requires an ID card, open the door and down the stairs and through a tunnel. In a room to the left is the body of Knight Rylan. Killing ghouls on the way to Clarke is OK. Further down the tunnel you'll be tasked with the optional quest to exterminate the ghouls. At the end where the tunnel is flooded, go up the ramp and through the stairwell/tunnel until you get to an underground parking garage. Traverse the underground parking garage until you get to a subway tunnel. Take the subway tunnel until you get to the next platform, this will lead you to a luggage terminal.

Upon entering, take the stairs down, follow this tunnel until you get to a room that Clarke is in, that's above the generator room with a bunch of ghouls. If you open the generator room and kill the ghouls Clarke will automatically become hostile forcing you to kill him. Also, if you go into the next room adjacent to the room Clarke is in without talking to him, Clarke will automatically become hostile.

The ID card is on the desk that has the [expert] terminal. You need this to open the doors and use the elevators. Another ID card is available from Clarke. If you did NOT kill the ghouls and have settled on confronting Clarke directly, you now have three options:

  • Convincing Clarke to turn himself in grants a piece of armor upon quest completion (T-60C torso with 10% AP costs in VATS reduced as well as leveled options). The optional quest objective of killing the ghouls is also automatically completed.
  • You can convince Clarke to leave the Brotherhood of Steel, after which you can either lie to Kells about the missing food or blame it on Clarke. Kells will be doubtful of your words at first, but he will be convinced after you continue with the lie. This option grants 50 caps and some experience.
  • You can outright kill Clarke, but this will yield no armor or weapon rewards, just 100 caps.

Upon completion Kells will give you one of several rewards depending on your what you did with Clarke. Only by convincing the traitor to turn himself in will Kells give you the Exemplar's T-60c Torso. (Note: While the armor is titled T-60c, it is leveled to to the player, meaning higher level players will receive T-60d, e, or f, while lower levels will receive a, b, or c.)

After the mission is complete, you can speak with Kells. Even though he states that a patrol team was sent in to clear out the ghouls, the room at the bottom of the ruins will still be populated by them. You can enter, kill, and loot to your heart's content (if Clarke turned himself in).

Quest stagesEdit

15 Speak to Lancer Captain Kells
30 Speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
50 Question Knight Lucia and Initiate Clarke
70 Speak to Knight-Sergeant Gavil
75 Search for evidence
80 Read Knight Lucia's log
90 Confront Knight Lucia
150 Shadow Initiate Clarke
200 Find Initiate Clarke
220 (Optional) Exterminate the ghouls
240 Confront Initiate Clarke
350 Report to Kells
430Quest finishedIcon checkQuest complete
499Quest finishedIcon checkQuest failed


  • The elevator shaft to the left of the entrance has an accessible door on the next floor up, which, if accessed by power armor jetpack, leads to an out-of-bounds state. This can be exploited to access Clarke directly: landing on the lowest level of rubble, next to the green steamer trunk, directly behind the elevator shafts, will put the player character beyond Clarke's feral observation room, allowing progress on the quest in a fraction of the time, without encountering a single feral ghoul.
  • Clarke's reaction varies when the player character kills the feral ghouls:
    • In the room with Clarke there is an Expert terminal. If you use it to activate protectrons, Clarke will become hostile since the robots will attack the ghouls.
    • If the player manages to convince Clarke to stand down, via persuasion or presenting him Knight Rylan's holotags, he will not become hostile if the player chooses to exterminate the feral ghouls.
    • If the feral ghouls are killed by your companion after Clarke is convinced to leave or turn himself in, he will become hostile towards the player if he sees them die. He does not leave the room till after quest completion.
  • Entering the Boston Airport ruins with a power armor targeting HUD mod will automatically update the quest to kill Clarke, causing him to become hostile and attack the player on sight. He will also become hostile if you equip the Power Armor Helmet, with the mod, after convincing him to turn himself in, if you are still in the building.
  • Clarke may also become hostile if the player is under the effect of Berry Mentats (highlights living targets).
  • Companion interactions:
    • Danse provides some unique comments when heading to the Logistics area, when speaking to Knight Sergeant Gavil, and prior to entering the room with Clarke, where he suggests he remain outside. If he is taken anyway, Clarke becomes hostile. This appears to be intentional, as Clarke has recorded lines for this event. (This might not always happen.)
    • Deacon dislikes if you convince Clarke to turn himself in. Deacon will hate it if you say "Yes" you would to killing Clarke's friend "Just because of who he is" and will like if it you say "No".
    • Piper likes it when you say no to whether or not you would kill your friend if he were a ghoul.
    • Valentine hates it if you attempt or succeed at exiling Clarke.
    • MacCready likes it if you ask whether the ghouls were ferals, but hates it if you agree to save the ghouls and/or let Initiate Clarke go unpunished.
    • Cait likes it when you choose to 'Kill the Ghouls' and to Kill Clarke.
    • Curie likes it if you show sympathy toward Clarke, telling him he did the right thing protecting the Ghouls, that you wouldn't kill your friend if they were a Ghoul, and that he should run away from the Brotherhood. Anything in favor of condemning him will earn a dislike.
    • This is an opportunity to get four likes in a row for Strong, who is notoriously hard to garner favor with. Take a hard line with Clarke, being unsympathetic regarding the ghouls, telling him he did wrong, and that you are going to kill the ghouls. Wrap it up by threatening him rather than trying to resolve it peacefully, and kill him in the ensuing battle. Resolving it in any other way will get you a dislike from Strong for each opportunity.
  • If Tactical Thinking quest is started, then Clarke will make a briefing on it first (which will make the Railroad hostile on the player), and then will talk about Kells and finish Duty or Dishonor.
  • If you convince Initiate Clarke to turn himself in, he will be found in the Lockup at Cambridge Police Station. The Lockup terminal will also be updated with a record showing he has been incarcerated for 'Larceny, Dereliction, Aiding the Enemy'.


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxoneIf Clarke spots you he may get stuck in an infinite loop of going inside and back outside again. If you have a follower, this can be fixed by ordering them to wait elsewhere, which should trigger Clarke to run. You can also run ahead and hide in the bushes by the broken down plane and he will continue his walk.[verified]
  • If you kill Clarke by placing a live grenade in his inventory after you promise not to turn him in it may cause the game to register that he is not dead forcing you to reload past save date.[verification needed][platforms tag needed]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone If you enter the underground Boston Airport Ruins for the first time while wearing power armor equipped with the Targeting HUD mod or use Berry Mentats while inside, the quest will glitch. Clarke will not initiate conversation as he is supposed to and will always be hostile. Reloading to a previous save and entering without the Targeting HUD equipped prevents this issue. However, equipping the mod or using Berry Mentats will reactivate the bug.[verified]
    • ps4Icon ps4 If Clarke is hostile, it is still possible to progress through the entire conversation by repeatedly using Pax syringe on him. Unfortunately, even if he is convinced to turn himself in in this manner, the quest will not advance beyond 'Kill Initiate Clarke'.
  • xboxoneIcon xboxone When you shadow Initiate Clarke he does not proceed any further. If you kill him by placing a live grenade in his inventory then the quest icon still appears above his corpse as if he is alive, but you can loot the key to the Boston Airport Ruins and get an update telling you to kill Initiate Clarke, however this does not fix the quest as Initiate Clarke is already a corpse and unable to kill him again.[verified]

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