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The drained small energy cell is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


A drained small energy cell is the byproduct of a spent energy cell. Identical in appearance to the charged version, they are energy cells with very little charge left in them. Not enough to power a shot from an energy weapon, but enough that, if a player gathers more of them, the remaining charge can be pooled together to make fresh, usable cells.


Recycling; small energy cells - With a Science skill of 10, a player can pool the leftover charge from 4 drained energy cells to make a fully-charged and usable energy cell.

  • Requires: Science 10, 4 drained energy cells
  • Creates: 1 small energy cell

Efficient recycling; small energy cells - With a Science skill of 35 and the Vigilant Recycler perk, a player can wring a little extra charge out of each drained cell, reducing the number of Drained Cells needed to make new ones.

  • Requires: Science 35; Vigilant Recycler; 3 drained energy cells
  • Creates: 1 small energy cell

Honest Hearts adds the following recipe requiring drained small energy cells to the workbench.

Conversion; fission battery to small energy cells - With a Science skill of 45, a player can transfer the stored energy in a battery into drained energy cells.

  • Requires: Science 45; 1 fission battery, 5 drained energy cells
  • Creates: 25 small energy cells


Name Empty casing
Energy cell 35% Chance
Energy cell, over charge 25% Chance
Energy cell, max charge 10% Chance
Energy cell, bulk 20% Chance
Energy cell, optimized Gun Runners' ArsenalGametitle-FNV GRA 40% Chance

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