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This is a transcript for dialogue with Doc Hoff.

Topics Edit

CCAboutCaravans Tell me about your trade caravan. Happy 10 I provide food, drinks, and discreet chemicals to discerning customers around the Wasteland. I help ease the suffering of my fellow man. For a price. {Slightly sinister, like a drug dealer.} 1
Neutral 50 I don't have a home office, exactly, but I organize much of my trade with Ernest Roe, in Canterbury Commons. 2
CCTrade I'm here to buy. Neutral 25 Tell me what you need, and maybe I've got your fix. {Slightly sinister, like a drug dealer.} 3
I'm here to buy. Happy 25 Let's see what the good doctor has in his magic bag, shall we? {Slightly sinister, like a drug dealer.} 4
CCTradeRepair Can you repair something for me? Neutral 50 For a price, sure. 5
Can you repair something for me? Neutral 50 Let's take a look and see. 6
GREETING GREETING Happy 25 Ah, welcome weary traveler! You look like a traveler in need of relaxation and the finest of chemical assistance. 7
Neutral 50 Well, wander no more, my good friend, for I am Doc Hoff, procurer of the finest of medical goods and chemical assistance. Now, how may I help you? 8
GREETING Happy 10 My investor arrives at last. This line of work doesn't allow for much sentiment, but how could I not offer you some material token of my thanks? 9
Neutral 50 In that case, here. The gift of health - rarely given in this day and age, but all too often taken... {Sinister} 10
GREETING Neutral 50 Looking for your fix? You came to the right man. {Slightly sinister} 11
GREETING Happy 15 Here to see the good doctor? Excellent. {Sinister} 12

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 See you next time you need that special little something. 13
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Cheers, pal. Watch yourself out there. 14
HELLO HELLO Happy 50 Here for a pick-me-up? 15
HELLO Happy 50 If you've got the caps, I've got your fix. 16
HELLO Happy 50 Looking to make a trade? 17
HELLO Happy 50 Searching for that special something? 18

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