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Fo2 Dobbs
Dobbs, happy to be alive. Unfortunately for him, not for long...
affiliationUS Army (formerly)
rankPrivate First Class
locationSierra Army Depot
appearancesFallout 2
mentionedVan Buren
base SPECIAL7 ST, 7 PE, 8 EN, 5 CH, 6 IN, 9 AG, 8 LK
derived statsHit Points: 85
Experience Points: 400
Armor Class: 29
Action Points: 10
Carry Weight: 200 lbs
Melee Damage: 6
Sequence: 17
Healing rate: 2
tag skills
Big Guns:92%
Energy Weap.:115%
Melee Weap.:110%
Small Guns:69%
prototype id00000187 (bounty hunter (13-18))
dialogue fileWCDOBBS.MSG

I heard the doctors say I was dead and then they threw my body onto a pile of other bodies.

Private First Class Dobbs of the US Army lies cryogenically preserved at Sierra Army Depot in 2241.


Sometime before October 23 2077, he was killed in battle and pronounced dead, and he claims to have learned this via an out-of-body experience. While he was out of body he observed his physical shell being taken to a laboratory and immersed in bio med gel, in an attempt to regenerate and revive him. This procedure may have taken place at Sierra Army Depot, but it is more likely this happened near what ever front line he was fighting on, to keep his body fresh for transportation to Sierra. He was no doubt destined for Dr. H. Lector's experiments like Private Callow, and would probably have had his brain harvested, if not for the evacuation of Sierra Army Depot between July 10 and October 23, 2077.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

General Services Quests
Companion: noIcon cross
Talking head: noIcon cross
Merchant: noIcon cross
Modifies items: noIcon cross
Doctor: noIcon cross
Starts quests: noIcon cross
Involved in quests: noIcon cross

Other interactionsEdit

  • The Chosen One can find him at the Sierra Army Depot, and defrost him. The bio med gel submersion and cryogenic preservation procedure appears to be successful, but if the Chosen One defrosts Dobbs, he wakes up a little disoriented but in good health, aside from a headache. However, a few seconds after setting off to rejoin his unit, he experiences Post-Cryogenic Syndrome and disintegrates into a puddle of slime.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Combat armor Red Ryder LE BB gun -


Dobbs appears only in Fallout 2

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