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A small jar containing a human eye suspended in a liquid. The label says Corporal Dixon.

Dixon's eye is a quest item in Fallout 2.


In 2077, during the rush to shut down Sierra Army Depot and move its personnel to the front lines, Corporal Dixon was injured attempting to arm an attack mine to protect the facility. Though still alive, his eye was badly injured, and the medical staff believed it was best to surgically extract what was left of the eye and place it inside a container of bio med gel. The eye did recover, but the rush to evacuate the depot meant that it was accidentally left behind and never reattached to Corporal Dixon. The Chosen One can use the eye on retinal scanners in the depot, allowing him/her to activate some of the facility's locked elevators. Clifton's eye can also be used to do this.


Found together with the Sierra Depot medical log in a locker in the first floor medical clinic

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