Divide Survivor

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Gametitle-FNV LR
Gametitle-FNV LR

Divide Survivor is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


This perk grants one SPECIAL point, as well as Brotherhood of Steel and Followers of the Apocalypse fame. It is the only guaranteed way to get an Idolized status with the Brotherhood of Steel when combined with the reputation gained during the quest Still in the Dark. Unfortunately, doing this makes the Scorched Sierra power armor, the Armor of the 87th Tribe, the Red Victory grenade rifle, and the Great Bear grenade rifle unobtainable without the use of console commands.


  • In order to stop the missile launch you must have saved ED-E from Ulysses' Temple. This makes it impossible to have both the Divide Survivor perk and the Lonesome Road perk at the same time.

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