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For an overview of all distress signals, see Distress signal.

Distress signal is a radio station in Fallout 4. It can be picked up after extending the satellites at relay tower 0SC-527.


The origin of the broadcast is a ham radio in a secret room in the basement of Fallon's department store. The secret room is located behind a bookcase in the southwestern corner, and can be accessed by pressing a red button underneath the counter of the jewelry store in the basement. Inside are a great deal of locked safes and the broadcasting ham radio.


Hello? Anyone? I'm trapped in the jewelry safe in Fallon's. If anyone is out there, please help. What's going on out there? I felt the ground shake, and nothing since. It's been... four days, I think? If you can hear this, please let me out! There's a button underneath one of the counters in the jewelry department. I'm so thirsty. Please - somebody - hurry. This has been a prerecorded message. Message repeats in three seconds.