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For an overview of all distress signals, see Distress signal.

The distress signal is a radio station in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. It can be received after extending the satellites at relay tower 0BB-915.


The origin of the broadcast is a ham radio in a small shelter at Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates. The shelter's entrance hatch can be found on the local map, it is located to the west of the swimming pool next to a couple of barrels and some trees, between a white trailer and a dark colored trailer with an orange car beside it, partially hidden underneath a wooden plank.


Anyone out there. If you can hear me, I'm trapped inside a bunker in... what is this? Fiddler's Green Estates. Got some crawlies outside. Nothing I couldn't normally handle, but I'm nursing a bum leg. Could use an assist. This has been a pre-recorded message. Message repeats in three seconds