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The Digger is a type of vehicle in Fallout 4. They are found throughout the Commonwealth at construction sites or industrial areas. Before the war they were used as a loader, or in some cases as a heavy lift forklift.


The Digger sits on a low tracked chassis, which doesn't appear to contain an engine. The main part sits on a turntable atop the chassis, with the driver/operators cab at the front and the engine/drive unit located behind the cab. Either side of the cab are two large hydraulic booms which extend out in front and contain the mounting points for the attached utility. The digger can be fitted with a bucket, to move lose material around, or it can be fitted with forks and used as a heavy lift forklift, as seen by the digger located in the basement of the Fort Strong armory.


Digger are found all around the Commonwealth with either a bucket attachment or forks.


With Vault-Tec Workshop installed, the workshop refers to the machine as a "Mega-Loader".


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