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Diamond City security, as the name implies, is the main security force of Diamond City in 2287.


The DC security force was established by the residents of Diamond City sometime after it was founded in 2130, to enforce the law and protect the city's residents from local raider gangs, super mutants, Gunners, and other dangers that inhabit the Commonwealth.

The security guards are armed with customized baseball bats and handmade automatic rifles. They don old pre-War baseball gear as armor, reminiscent of the pre-war days of baseball games that took place back in the heyday of the old baseball stadium the great green Jewel of the Commonwealth was built in.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

The Diamond City guards will engage in combat nearby, even if in that zone. The guards will only attack hostiles, unless the Sole Survivor aggravates them. They often share insightful commentary on areas, potential quests and events have occurred in the Commonwealth.


  • Killing Diamond City guards will turn all guards hostile. They are a rather powerful opponent as they generally have skull icons next to their health meters early on in the game.
  • Outside of Diamond City to the left, there is a terminal towards the baseball statue where the turrets may be deactivated. These turrets will respawn as or reset to activated after a few days.
  • Leaving Diamond City for 24 hours or longer will reset all hostile guards in the city.
  • Except for X6-88 and Strong, all companions dislike killing guards.
  • All guards are male.

Notable quotesEdit


Diamond City security appears only in Fallout 4.


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