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The Battle of Raven Rock was the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel's obliteration of the Raven Rock Mountain Complex, the headquarters of the Enclave, either by the Lone Wanderer on their behalf or by an assault led by the Lyons' Pride and Liberty Prime, taking place in the year 2277.

Lone Wanderer's sabotageEdit


After the capture of Project Purity, the Lone Wanderer discovered that Vault 87 held a G.E.C.K. and set out to retrieve it; the Enclave tracked their every move and incapacitated the Lone Wanderer with a concussion grenade. With the Lone Wanderer passed out, Colonel Autumn and his guard team transported the Lone Wanderer back to Raven Rock via Vertibird.

When the Lone Wanderer awoke, restrained in a photonic resonance chamber, Autumn began an interrogation. After refusing to give Autumn the code for the purifier, Eden intervened just in time before the Lone Wanderer was shot and tortured. Autumn was ordered to report to Eden's office, and the Lone Wanderer was then left alone with Eden on the intercom.

With the restraints unlocked, the Lone Wanderer retrieved their belongings and went on their way. However, minutes later, Autumn ordered all personnel to ignore the president's previous directive and shoot the Lone Wanderer on sight over the base's PA.


Fighting through waves of Enclave soldiers, the Lone Wanderer could have found Eden's self-destruct codes along the way. Upon reaching Eden's office, the Lone Wanderer spoke with Eden. Either using the self-destruct sequence, convincing Eden to end the Enclave, or exploiting a loophole in Eden's internal logic system to put the base on self-destruct, the Lone Wanderer ensured the destruction of the base.

After taking the vial of Modified FEV, the Lone Wanderer departed the base following a large final stand by fleeing soldiers. The Lone Wanderer left the base just in time, and seconds later, the base detonated. Vertibirds were spinning and crashing to the ground, and others were fleeing to unknown locations, and the entire base was being obliterated by dozens of massive explosions, with enormous fires. The entire base was then buried within stone and rubble.


The Enclave had no standing base of operations and instead adopted the Adams Air Force Base as a replacement while troops at the Jefferson Memorial made a final stand.

Liberty Prime's assaultEdit


Liberty Prime escorted the Lyons' Pride to the base across the Capital Wasteland.


Upon arrival, it was a short and simple attack. Liberty Prime annihilated the entire complex, ensuring its doom and collapse.


The assault dealt a significant blow to the Enclave,[citation needed] who had already suffered the loss of the Jefferson Memorial at the Battle of Project Purity.


The Battle of Raven Rock appears in Fallout 3 and its add-on Broken Steel.

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