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Derek is a mentioned-only character from Fallout.

Background Edit

Derek is working as an assistant for Vree, like Sophia in the Lost Hills bunker.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Robes Desert Eagle .44 -


Vree's laboratory is an all-female team, even the Brotherhood guards outside are women. Derek seems to have been removed from the party, so as not to spoil the company. He is most likely one of the remaining scribes on the level.


Derek is only mentioned in the generic Brotherhood of Steel scribe's dialogues GENSCRIB.MSG[1], SCRIBEB.MSG[2] and in the Fallout Official Survival Guide, page 80.


  1. "{104}{}{Derek is cool.}"
  2. "{104}{}{Derek is the bee's knees.}"
Stroken BoS Emblem

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