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Dependency is a side quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Side Quest: Dependency
Talk to Tina De Luca in the reactor room after rescuing Austin and get the quest to help Bobby get off drugs.
Talk to Bobby, you can be nice or mean and get the desired result.
Talk to Tina.
Talk to Rachel to complete the quest.
Reward: 75 XP

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Upon entering the reactor room of Vault 81, after completing Hole in the Wall, Tina De Luca can be found working. Talking to her, she thanks the Sole Survivor for helping Austin and proceeds to ask for help getting her brother, Bobby De Luca, to kick his Jet addiction. Since the incident involving Austin, his addiction has gotten worse and Rachel from the infirmary has warned that if he doesn't get clean soon he could die. Rachel has a treatment for Bobby, and Tina asks the player to convince him to go see Rachel.

Bobby is found in his room inhaling Jet. He questions why he's being interrupted and there is a choice to be either compassionate and convince him to go see Rachel, or aggressive which can cause Bobby to go hostile and attack. If Bobby goes hostile the Survivor will have to kill him. If Bobby was given Jet, the quest fails. Returning to Tina with high enough charisma and you will be given the option to pass a hard speech check to convince her to join a settlement. Alternatively convince him to see Rachel, and he will walk to the clinic where Rachel can be informed of his choice. She'll compliment the player on being a good friend helping Bobby overcome addiction (but do not go see Rachel with Bobby if you want Tina to join a settlement - see below). Once Bobby arrives she explains the process to him and administers Addictol.

Return to Tina to complete the quest. Afterwards, there is an option to recruit Tina as a resident in a settlement as she states she is sick of living in the Vault and wishes to see what the Commonwealth has to offer. If you go to see Rachel before Tina, then the quest will be complete and you will not have the option of convincing Tina to join a settlement.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
100 Get Bobby off chemsTina asked me to try to get Bobby off the Jet. After what happened with Austin, he needs to quit before someone else gets hurt. She said Rachel has treatment drugs that can help him.
250 Talk to Rachel - If player failed speech check with BobbyI couldn't persuade Bobby to quit. Perhaps if I spoke to Rachel to get more details on the treatment drugs she has, it could help ease his mind.
300 Persuade Bobby to get treatmentRachel said she has a drug called Addictol that will help Bobby quit the Jet without the symptoms of withdrawal. I need to let Bobby know.
400 Talk to TinaI persuaded Bobby to get help for his addiction by seeing Rachel. I need to tell Tina. She'd be happy about the news.
500Quest finishedIcon checkCompleted - if Bobby's Jet addiction was cured
550Quest failedIcon crossFailed - if Bobby was given Jet
650 Bobby attacks player
675 Bobby is deadBobby didn't like what I had to say about him and attacked me. He's now paid the ultimate price for his habit: death. I need to find Tina and break the news.
700 Tina becomes settler
1100Quest finishedIcon checkCompleted - if Bobby was killed


  • When talking to Tina to obtain the quest, some characters (e.g. Strong) will like the player telling her that Bobby is a "Lost cause" and to "Let him die." She will reply angrily, but the player can talk to her after and the choices will be available again. Thus it is possible to select one for one like, then the other dialogue choice to get a second like, and finally either "Why?" or "You're right" to obtain the quest.
  • One can get a Charisma check from Bobby about Austin. If one asks questions first instead, the Sole Survivor can get a second speech check as well asking about life in the vault.
  • If Dependency fails, Bobby can be later seen dead in his room.
  • Speaking to Rachel first before talking to Tina will complete the quest. But it will no longer be possible to enter the settlement Charisma check with Tina as she just thanks the player and doesn't have any further dialogue options.


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone If Bobby is alive, even if you successfully invite Tina to your settlement and then finish the quest by talking to Rachel she will remain in the Vault 81. If you talk to her again she will mention "seeing the Commonwealth" and "finally getting out" but she won't join the player anyway. This can be bypassed by insulting Bobby until he attacks the player. Tina will join the settlement after passing a speech check. In short, the only way to successfully recruit Tina is to kill Bobby. [verified]
    • A workaround without killing Bobby via console commands: Go to one of settlements, open console and type 2a82c.moveto player, and enter workshop mode and move Tina to preferred settlement.
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Possibly related to the above bug, successfully completing Tina's speech check to invite her to a settlement can lead to the quest becoming impossible to complete, with the objective to speak with her not marking as complete and it being impossible to initiate conversion with Tina again. Going to talk to Rachel (who has no marker) seems to allow this to be bypassed and the quest to be completed. [verified]
  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone After talking to Tina, you can go to Rachel as well as Bobby. Going to Rachel first and asking about the Addictol can lead to her asking you to bring Bobby to her. However, going to Bobby reveals him in his room, inhaling Jet and refusing to respond to you at all. [verified]
  • ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Rather rarely, even after saving Austin, Tina won't tell the player about her brother's addiction. The quest will never start. [verified]
  • Occasionally, even if you have a very high Charisma level, the Persuasion attempt to Bobby will still fail, which makes it impossible to succeed without reloading the saved game. [platforms tag needed] [verification overdue]

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