Deliver jet antidote to Painless Doc Johnson is an unmarked quest that appears in Fallout 2.


After creating the Jet antidote, the Chosen One can deliver a sample to Doc Johnson to cure the Redding miners of their addiction.


Enter Redding, and speak to Doc Johnson in the hospital with a sample of the Jet antidote in your inventory. He will happily take it and mix it in with the jet he usually provides for the miners. However, the Chosen One can also demand a reward and threaten to drop the bottle. The doctor will be angry, but will give the player $2000.


Cash rewardEdit

If Troy was not blackmailed, only the quest XP will be given.

Cash & XP rewardEdit

If Troy was blackmailed, then the reward will also include $2000. The doctor will not be upset about it in future interactions.