You may also tell your little hooligan friend that he is wasting his considerable intellect manufacturing drugs. His manners and language also leave MUCH to be desired.

— Dr. Troy about Myron

Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. Troy is a quest that appears in Fallout 2.


Dr. Troy, in Vault 8's medical center, will ask you to smuggle a sample of jet into Vault City for him to analyze, so he can attempt to make an antidote.


The following conditions must be met for Dr. Troy to give you this quest.

  • You must be a citizen of Vault City.
  • Your Doctor skill must be 75% or better.
  • If you are the Captain of the Guard of Vault City, you should not mention this fact to him, or you might not be able to complete the quest.
  • You have not already completed the Find some endorphin blockers to make a cure for Jet quest.
  • To get the best reward, have some jet in your inventory, have a Barter skill of 95% or better, and first speak to Myron in the stables about jet production and have the needed Science and Intelligence scores.


Enter Vault City's Vault, and speak to Troy in the medical center. Ask for a tour, and then try to exit the conversation as soon as you get the chance. Troy will then ask if you, as an outsider, could do a favor for him. He will ask you to smuggle a sample of jet into Vault City for him to analyze in his quest to find an antidote for jet addiction.

If you already have some jet in your inventory, you can give it to him now for the better rewards. Otherwise, find some jet (the Den or New Reno are good places to look) and use the following strategies to smuggle it into the city.

  • If you are a citizen (or have fake citizenship papers) the guards will not search you.
  • You can also drop the jet before you are searched, and pick it up after the doors to the city open.
  • The guards will not search your companions, so they should carry any contraband.


Cash rewardEdit

The cash rewards you get depend on your Barter skill. If you give Troy the jet when he first asks, you will get $1000 with a Barter skill < 75%, $1200 with a Barter skill 75%-94%, and $1500 with a Barter skill >= 95%. However, you will get no experience from this method. He will then tell you the cure will take three months to produce.

After you give him the jet, he will tell you to come back in three months for an antidote. Do so, and he will give you two vials of antidote.

Cash & XP rewardEdit

To speed up the production of the cure to one month (and get 500 XP), first speak to Myron (don't let him join) in the stables about jet production. Quit the dialogue after he says "and that's all you're ever gonna learn." Then go give the jet to Troy.

To get 750 XP, either continue with Myron's conversation (be sure to have the necessary Science and Intelligence scores) or have Myron in your party when you deliver the jet to Troy. Start the dialogue thread with "hey, you don't want to inhale that crap."

Both of these methods will speed up the production of a cure to one month.

Alternative: blackmailEdit

Instead of doing the quest, you can also use this information to blackmail Troy for up to $500 each month ($1000 with a Barter skill of 75% or better). However, if you do this, DO NOT seek medical help from him unless you want a laugh and have saved recently (player gets killed). Also, Phyllis will have nothing further to do with you.

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