Deliver Hubologist's field report to AHS-9 in San Francisco

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I tell you, spreading the word of Hubology out here is harder than you can imagine! AHS-9 just doesn't understand the difficulty. In fact, I've written it all down.

Enlightened One

Deliver Hubologist's field report to AHS-9 in San Francisco is a quest in Fallout 2.


A simple quest. The Enlightened One in the NCR church will ask you to deliver her field report to AHS-9 in San Francisco. There are two ways through which this quest can be obtained:

  • Answer "Yes" when talking to her for the first time and then either answer "Why, I'm at Transcendency, of course." or "Oh. I assumed you could see my aura. I'm sorry." lines, then ask her about the state of things (IN 8 and Speech 65%).
  • Inform her about having come to kill her for Merk, but say that you won't do it. She will give the letter in your inventory.

Delivering the report to AHS-9 yields 500 XP, but drains 10 Karma.

Note: Getting the zeta-scan before taking on the quest to assassinate her prevents talk to the Enlightened One and warning her about Merk; she will only respond that there is nothing more she can do for the Chosen One.

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