FilmThe following is based on the canceled Fallout movie and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Dekker is the mayor of the Hub in the Fallout film.


After being arrested for fighting with the scavengers seen earlier in the film, the scouts are brought before Dekker, insidious Mayor of the Hub. His office is the last standing movie theatre in Los Angeles, and the only known mention of a working one in the Fallout universe. Before speaking to him, they have to wait for his favorite scene in Blade Runner to end. He remarks in a scripted line - a rarity in the Fallout film treatment - “Now that would’ve have been a fun future.”[1]

It was meant to be apparent to the audience that Dekker and Max have unpleasant history. When Dekker sees the other three are from Vault 13 he is willing to forgive transgressions, however. Dekker offers them the water chip in exchange for two of their lives, for an unknown reason. He also insists that one of them must be Female Officer, but Hero refused. Max informs them, however, he mightn't have any choice. At any rate, Dekker makes them his guests for the night so that they can conduct business in the morning. However, he seemingly was never going to give them the opportunity to wait until morning.[2]

Later in the night, Scholar led the other scouts and Max into an ambush, where Dekker is waiting with gang of mutants. It turns out Scholar has sold out Hero and Female Officer, offering them both to Dekker in exchange for a couple more water chips and a stockpile of automatic weapons. It becomes clear Dekker is in league with the mutants, who are the ones with a real interest in Hero and Female Officer.[3]

Max turns table, puts a secretly stashed gun to Female Officer’s head. He now has what mutants want, and he wants a G.E.C.K. in return. Hero and Female are shocked by this betrayal. Dekker refuses to be cut out of this deal and tells Max he can never trade again at the Hub. Max doesn’t plan to... and cuts Dekker out of the deal with a bullet to the heart. Something he’s wanted to do for years.[4]


Dekker was to appear in the Fallout film by Interplay Films.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Dekker is named after the protagonist (Deckard) of the film he is watching in the first scene he is in, Blade Runner.
  • Dekker is also likely a reference to Decker from Fallout.


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