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Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Yes, my friends, you are free! Run, run like the wind! Rejoice! It is gods will that….SHRIEK!! Nooo. But, I'm a friend!

Janet Badall

Deathclaw Liberation is a special encounter in Fallout Tactics.

In this encounter, you'll find a woman named Janet Badall standing outside a deathclaw enclosure containing five neutral deathclaws. Janet enthusiastically assumes the Warrior is, like she, an animal liberationist. After explaining her motives, she unlocks the enclosure gate and runs inside. At this point, the deathclaws become hostile and discover she has very few Hit Points. They then leave the enclosure and proceed to attack anything else on the map such as the Hummer or player characters.


  • The enclosure gate is trivial to lockpick, not even requiring a single skill point or the use of lock picks. Providing Janet has not been spoken with, the player can mingle freely with the deathclaws, laying remote detonator traps or whatever you like.
  • You can block the doorway with some recruits before speaking with Janet; this will cause her to hurry frantically around the gate, trying to find a way in. You can let her in when you're ready by unblocking the gate. Shut the gate with her inside and soon the deathclaws will form a little huddle against the fence, trying to attack you. Being locked inside unable to attack the player character, they make fine target practice for high level weaponry.

Behind the scenesEdit

This encounter is a reference to the famous primatologist, Jane Goodall.

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