Dean Domino's blackmail evidence

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Dean Domino's blackmail evidence
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Dean Domino's blackmail evidence is a miscellaneous item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


It can be found in Dean's safe in the backstage of the Tampico. Using this can lead to the speech option to keep Dean Domino alive.



Pretty as a picture.

Uh... Dean, I... didn't hear you come in.

I'm not wearing my dancing shoes, so I walk a little softly now. What, you think I was a Chinaman, come to cut your American throat?

Dean, really.

What... no hug? Come here.

Dean, I'm getting ready.

You sing like a bird, pop the safe, and we're as through as through can be.

Dean... I just... about tonight, I... I don't know.

I didn't say no. I just said that... I don't think...

You don't know? I ask one simple favor of you, and you tell me "no?" I don't need you - I'll send you back to the farm, worse off than you were, because you'll have seen the Sierra Madre, and had to let it all go. I could have gotten any leggy dame out of Hollywood to get out here and play Sinclair's heart strings. You just happened to be the one I caught, and it was really your own fault, a little too much into the chems and meds, and... Aw, shhh, don't cry. Look, I'm not trying to hurt you. Just one last little job, a little less dirty, a little less messy. He trusts you, Vera. And so do I. After this, I promise you, all those other Holotapes, they'll go away.

Of course, Dean.


pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 Due to how the audio scripts were implemented (as separate topics rather than a continuous script under a single topic), Dean's blackmail holotape cannot be played in its entirety in-game. It can only be heard properly either in the GECK or by use of this mod by Delamer. [verified]

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