Dean Domino's blackmail evidence

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Dean Domino's blackmail evidence
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Dean Domino's blackmail evidence is a miscellaneous item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.


It can be found in Dean's safe in the backstage of the Tampico. Using this can lead to the speech option to keep Dean Domino alive.



Dean: Pretty as a picture.

Vera: Uh... Dean, I... didn't hear you come in.

Dean: I'm not wearing my dancing shoes, so I walk a little softly now. What, you think I was a Chinaman, come to cut your American throat?

Vera: Dean, really.

Dean: What... no hug? Come here.

Vera: Dean, I'm getting ready.

Dean: You sing like a bird, pop the safe, and we're as through as through can be.

Vera: Dean... I just... about tonight, I... I don't know.

Dean: You don't know? I ask one simple favor of you, and you tell me "no?"

Vera: I didn't say no. I just said that... I don't think...

Dean: You're right, you don't think. I don't need you - I'll send you back to the farm, worse off than you were, because you'll have seen the Sierra Madre, and had to let it all go. I could have gotten any leggy dame out of Hollywood to get out here and play Sinclair's heart strings. You just happened to be the one I caught, and it was really your own fault, a little too much into the chems and meds, and... Aw, shhh, don't cry. Look, I'm not trying to hurt you. Just one last little job, a little less dirty, a little less messy. He trusts you, Vera. And so do I. After this, I promise you, all those other Holotapes, they'll go away.

Vera: Of course, Dean.


pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 Due to how the audio scripts were implemented (as separate topics rather than a continuous script under a single topic), Dean's blackmail holotape cannot be played in its entirety in-game. It can only be heard properly either in the GECK or by use of this mod by Delamer. [verified]

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