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Individual challenges can be found in Fallout: New Vegas. These challenges can be located on the Pip-Boy under Data > Misc > Challenges. Upon completion of challenges, varying amounts of XP are granted to the player. There are also special perks such as Lord Death, that can only be unlocked by completing challenges.


The image of the perks you gain from challenges.

Challenges are listed below with a description next to it as seen in the Pip-Boy. Some challenges do not show up until progress has been made (e.g. A Little Critical only shows up after you've scored at least one critical hit with a one handed gun). Many challenges are not available until a prior one of the same general type has been completed. For example completing Energetic unlocks More Energetic, Set Lasers for Fun, Beam (Weapon) Me Up, and You'll Blind Somebody, and then completing More Energetic unlocks Critical Reaction, and Let's Get Critical.

Challenges may be completed once, three times for increasing levels of a special perk, or repeated an unlimited number of times. Upon completing a challenge, a sound is heard, the same when you level up in original Fallout and Fallout 2.

Kill challengesEdit

Name Recurring Prerequisite Enemy To Kill Amount To Kill Weapon To Use XP Given Perk Base ID
A Fistful of Hollars noIcon cross - Any 42 Unarmed weapons 50 - 0015eb18
Abominable 3 ranks - Abominations 50 Any 50 Abominable 0015eb23
Animal Control 3 ranks - Mutated Animals 50 Any 50 Animal Control 0015eb24
Bug Stomper 3 ranks - Mutated Insects 50 Any 50 Bug Stomper 0015eb20
Demise of the Machines 3 ranks - Robots 50 Any 50 Machine Head 0015eb22
Energetic noIcon cross - Any 64 Energy Weapons 64 - 0015eb02
For a Few Hollars More yesIcon check A Fistful of Hollars Any 75 Unarmed weapons 100 - 0015eb19
I Can Kill You With One Hand yesIcon check - Any 250 One-handed guns 75 - 0015eb3a
Just Point and Click yesIcon check - Any 250 Large two-handled weapon 75 - 0015eb38
Kaboom noIcon cross - Any 25 Explosives 50 - 0015eb09
Kaboom-boom-pow yesIcon check Kaboom Any 50 Explosives 75 - 0015eb0a
More Energetic yesIcon check Energetic Any 64 Energy Weapons 75 - 0015eb03
Not So Up Close yesIcon check Up Close Any 25 Thrown weapons 50 - 0015eaee
Nuke it From Orbit noIcon cross - Any 250 Shoulder mounted weapons 75 - 0015eb39
Shoot Em Up noIcon cross - Any 75 Guns 75 - 0015eafc
Shoot Em Up Again yesIcon check Shoot Em Up Any 75 Guns 75 - 0015eafd
Super Mutant Massacre 3 ranks - Super mutants 50 Any 50 Mutant Massacrer 0015eb21
The Rifleman yesIcon check - Any 250 Rifle-Grip Guns 75 - 0015eb37
This is Hacking yesIcon check Up Closer Any 100 One Hand Melee 50 - 0015eb17
Up Close noIcon cross - Any 50 Melee Weapons 75 - 0015eb12
Up Closer yesIcon check Up Close Any 75 Melee Weapons 75 - 0015eb13

Damage challengesEdit

Name Recurring Prerequisite Organ To Damage Type Of Damage Amount Of Damage Type Weapon To Use Perk Given XP Base ID
...And Boy are My Arms Tired noIcon cross - Any Damage 100000 Unarmed Weapons - 75 0015eb1b
A Little Critical noIcon cross - Any Critical-Hits 100 One-Handed Pistols - 50 0015eb05
A Matter of Heart yesIcon check - Torso Cripple 100 Any - 75 0015eaec
A Matter of Perception yesIcon check - Head Cripple 100 Any - 75 0015eaeb
Aiming is Optional noIcon cross Kaboom-boom-pow Any Damage 10000 Explosive Launchers - 50 0015eb10
Beam (Weapon) Me Up noIcon cross - Any Damage 25000 Rifle-Grip Energy Weapons Set Lasers for Fun 0 0015eaf7
Blaster Master noIcon cross - Any Damage 10000 Energy Weapons - 50 001690e4
Click noIcon cross Shoot Em Up Again Any Damage 20000 Any submachine gun, light machine gun or minigun - 75 0015eb08
Condition Critical yesIcon check Shoot Em Up Again Any Critical-Hits 100 Rifle-grip Guns - 50 0015eb04
Critical Reaction yesIcon check More Energetic Any Critical-Hits 128 Two Handed Energy Weapons - 75 0015eafa
Destroy Something Not So Beautiful noIcon cross A Fistful of Hollars Any Damage 10000 Unarmed Weapons Beautiful Beatdown 100 0015eb1a
Full of Stars yesIcon check Lethal Weapons Head Cripple 100 Unarmed Weapons - 50 0015eb1f
Go For the Eyes yesIcon check A Fistful of Hollars Head Damage 6000 Unarmed Weapons - 75 0015eb1c
Gotta Hand Grenade It to You noIcon cross Kaboom-boom-pow Any Damage 10000 Mines and thrown grenades - 100 0015eb0f
Gut Checker yesIcon check Lethal Weapons Torso Cripple 100 Unarmed Weapons - 50 0015eb1e
I Am Not Left Handed yesIcon check - Enemies' Right Arms (Or Equivalent) Cripple 100 Any - 100 0015eaed
I Can Do It One Handed noIcon cross Up Closer Any Damage 10000 One-handed Weapons Melee Hacker 50 0015eb15
I've Got Shotgun noIcon cross Shoot Em Up Any Damage 20000 Shotguns - 75 0015eb06
Lead Dealer noIcon cross - Any Damage 10000 Guns - 50 001690e5
Let's Get Critical yesIcon check More Energetic Any Critical-Hits 64 One Handed Energy Weapons - 75 0015eafb
Lethal Weapons yesIcon check A Fistful of Hollars Any Critical-Hits 100 Unarmed Weapons - 50 0015eb1d
Limber Jack yesIcon check - Limbs Cripple 100 Any - 50 0015eae9
Love the Bomb noIcon cross - Any Damage 10000 Explosive Weapons - 50 001690e3
New Vegas Samurai noIcon cross - Any Damage 10000 Melee Weapons - 50 001690e2
Old-Tyme Brawler noIcon cross - Any Damage 10000 Unarmed Weapons - 50 001690e8
Set Lasers for Fun noIcon cross - Any Damage 16000 One-handed Energy Weapons Set Lasers for Fun 0 0015eb0e
The Big Squeezy noIcon cross Shoot Em Up Again Any Damage 18000 Rifle-Grip Guns - 75 0015eb07
Two Hands are Better than One noIcon cross Up Closer Any Damage 10000 Two-handed Weapons Melee Hacker 50 0015eb14
Were You Using That? yesIcon check Up Closer Limbs Cripple 200 Two-handed melee weapons - 50 0015eb0b
You'll Blind Somebody yesIcon check - Head Damage 4096 Energy Weapons - 100 0015eb0d

Other challengesEdit

Name Recurring Prerequisite Requirement Amount to do Perk Given XP Base ID
...And Know Disintegrations noIcon cross - Disintegrate enemies with laser weapons 32 - 75 0015eb01
...And Not a drop to Drink noIcon cross - Drink water items 100 Camel of the Mojave 100 0015eaf8
...Or Are You Just Happy to See Me? noIcon cross - Explode enemy pants 25 - 50 0015eb0c
All Things in Modder Nation yesIcon check - Apply mods to weapons 20 - 50 0015eaf5
Apocalypse Ain't Got Nothin' On Me noIcon cross Lord Death of Murder Mountain Kill anything (and pretty much everything) 1000 Lord Death (+4% DAM) 50 0015eb29
Artful Pocketer noIcon cross - Pick Pockets 50 - 50 001690e7
At a Loss for Words noIcon cross - Achieve Speech failures 100 - 75 0015eb31
Know When to Hold 'Em noIcon cross Know When To Hold 'Em Win at Caravan 27 - 50 0016ba4e
Crafty noIcon cross - Craft items at a workbench, campfire, reloading bench, or elsewhere 20 - 0 0015eaf3
Crafty Veteran noIcon cross Crafty Craft more items at a workbench, campfire, reloading bench, or elsewhere 100 - 75 0015eaf3
Day Tripper noIcon cross - Use addictive chems 25 Day Tripper 50 0015eb2a
Desert Survivalist noIcon cross - Heal with food 10000 - 100 00165773
Devourer of Nations noIcon cross Dine and Dash Eat more corpses 200 - 100 0015eb26
Dine and Dash noIcon cross - Eat corpses 25 Dine and Dash 0015eae1
Disarming Personality yesIcon check - Disable mines 25 - 50 0015eb11
Double Down noIcon cross - Play Blackjack 10 - 100 00165775
Dr. Wasteland, M.D. yesIcon check - Use doctor's bags 25 - 75 005eaee5
Fast Times noIcon cross - Use turbo 20 Fast Times 0 0015eaf0
Find Vault 3 noIcon cross - Find Vault 3 1 - 0 0015ebc3
Find Vault 11 noIcon cross - Find Vault 11 1 - 0 0015eb34
Find Vault 19 noIcon cross - Find Vault 19 1 - 0 0015eb35
Find Vault 22 noIcon cross - Find Vault 22 1 - 0 0015eb3b
Find Vault 34 noIcon cross - Find Vault 34 1 - 0 0015eb3d
Fixin' Things noIcon cross - Repair items in your inventory yourself 30 - 50 0015eaf9
Free Radical noIcon cross - Use RadAway 20 Free Radical 0 0015eaf2
H4x Supr3m3 yesIcon check Healthy Glow Hack more computer terminals 25 - 50 0015eb2d
He Moves in Mysterious Ways noIcon cross - Mysterious Stranger appearances 15 Friendly Help 0 0015eae8
Healthy Glow yesIcon check - Hack computer terminals 25 - 50 0015eb2c
I Can Stop Any Time I Want noIcon cross Day Tripper Take more chems. 25 - 75 0015eb2b
I Dismember You noIcon cross - Dismember limbs 1000 - 50 0015eaf6
Knocked Up yesIcon check - Knock down enemies. 100 - 75 0015eaef
Know When to Fold 'Em noIcon cross - Lose at Caravan 5 - 50 00165778
Know When to Hold 'Em noIcon cross - Win at Caravan 3 - 100 00165777
Little Wheel noIcon cross - Play Roulette 10 - 100 00165776
Lord Death noIcon cross - Kill anything 200 Lord Death (+1% DAM) 100 0015eb27
Lord Death of Murder Mountain noIcon cross Lord Death Kill anything (just more of it) 700 Lord Death (+2% DAM) 100 0015eb28
Low Tech Hacking noIcon cross - Pick locks 25 - 50 0015eb2f
Master of the Mojave noIcon cross Walker of the Mojave Discover more locations 75 - 0 001690e6
Maybe That's a Lie noIcon cross - Become addicted (over and over) 10 - 25 0015eb32
Miss Fortunate Son (or Daughter) noIcon cross - Miss Fortune appearances 15 Friendly Help 0 0015eae7
One Armed Bandit noIcon cross - Play Slots 10 - 100 00165774
Questin' Mark yesIcon check - Complete Quests 5 - 100 0015eae6
Radical noIcon cross - Use Rad-X 20 - 75 0015eaf1
Sir Talks-a-lot noIcon cross - Achieve Speech successes 50 - 50 0015eb30
Stim-ply Amazing noIcon cross - Heal damage with stimpaks 10000 - 100 00165772
Stimpaddict yesIcon check - Use stimpaks 100 - 50 0015eb3e
Tough Guy noIcon cross - Have your own limbs become crippled 50 Tough Guy 0 0015eaea
Up to the Challenge yesIcon check - Complete challenges 50 - 100 0015eb36
Walker of the Mojave noIcon cross - Discover locations 50 - 0 0015eb33
You Run Barter Town noIcon cross - Sell items through Barter 10000 - 100 00165771

Add-on challengesEdit

Dead Money challengesEdit

Name Recurring Requirement Amount to do Perk Given XP Base ID
All For One noIcon cross Save all companions 1 - 100 xx011f34
Assemble Your Crew noIcon cross Recruit Dean Domino, Christine, Dog... and what's inside Dog. 3 - 100 xx011f2d
Authority Issues noIcon cross Alerted Sierra Madre holograms. 20 - 50 xx011f2b
Big Winner noIcon cross Use Sierra Madre Vending Machines. 50 - 75 xx0103b2
Cash Out noIcon cross Confronted Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's Vault. 1 - 200 xx011f30
Dean's Secret Stash noIcon cross Found Dean's secret suitcases. 15 - 100 xx011b27
Dead Man's Hand noIcon cross Collect Sierra Madre Cards of the Dead Man's Hand. 5 - 100 xx0134fb
Ghost Eater - Harvesters yesIcon check Kill Harvesters. 10 - 100 xx0103b4
Ghost Eater - Seekers yesIcon check Kill Seekers. 10 - 100 xx0103b5
Ghost Eater - Trappers yesIcon check Kill Trappers. 10 - 100 xx0103b6
Having a Ball noIcon cross Completed the Sierra Madre Gala Event. 1 - 100 xx011f2f
History's Sake noIcon cross Hear the entire history of the Sierra Madre. 8 - 100 xx012fb3
Kiss of Death noIcon cross Use Poisons 10 - 100 xx010eb2
Loose Ends noIcon cross Destroy All Companions. 3 - 100 xx011f35
Safety Deposit Box noIcon cross Sealed Father Elijah in the Sierra Madre's Vault. 1 - 200 xx011f31
Sierra Madre Souvenir Aficionado noIcon cross Collect a lot of Sierra Madre Chips. 500 - 150 xx0103b0
The Whole Sad Story noIcon cross Listen to Companions' and Elijah's stories. 4 - 100 xx012fb1
Things to Come! noIcon cross Discover what the future holds in Dead Money. 5 - 75 xx012fb2

Honest Hearts challengesEdit

Name Recurring Requirement Amount to do Perk Given XP Base ID
In a Foreign Land noIcon cross Scouted the Zion Valley for signs of the White Legs. 1 - 100 xx00b2fc
May my Hand Forget its Skill noIcon cross Evacuated Zion. 1 - 100 xx00b2fe
O Daughter of Babylon noIcon cross Crushed the White Legs. 1 - 100 xx00b2fd
Restore Our Fortunes noIcon cross Resupplied Daniel and the Sorrows. 1 - 100 xx00b2fb
Survivalist's Bounty noIcon cross Discover all six of the Survivalist hidden caches 6 - 100 xx00b2f9
When We Remembered Zion noIcon cross Arrive at Zion 1 - 100 xx00b2fa
Yao Guai Hunter noIcon cross Kill yao guai in Zion Valley 10 - 100 xx00b390

Old World Blues challengesEdit

Name Recurring Requirement Amount to do Perk Given XP Base ID
Automaton noIcon cross Built a robot bent on destruction. 1 - 100 xx015b04
Mad Scientist noIcon cross Had an experiment go horribly awry. 1 - 100 xx015b02
Evil Genius noIcon cross Created an abomination. 1 - 100 xx015b03
Make up Your Mind noIcon cross Made up your mind... about your brain. 1 - 500 xx009de2
Making Friends noIcon cross Reactivated all of the Sink's robotic assistants. 10 - 500 xx011956
Cardiac Arrest! noIcon cross Recovered X-13 cardiac regulator sneaky suit! 1 - 500 xx009de4
Caza-Death Dealer 3 ranks Killed cazadores in the Big MT. 2/5/10 DNAvenger xx00da29
Dog Run I/II/III 3 ranks Completed the X-8 Basic/Advanced Testing Program/...with night stalkers! 4 runs DNAgent xx00a446
MT Space noIcon cross Visited every location in the Big MT. 35 - 100 xx00a44c
Klein Destine noIcon cross Dressed in a complete set of Dr. Klein Clothes.
(Dr. Klein's glove, Dr. Klein's glasses, Dr. Klein's scrubs)
1 - 100 xx009de1
Mobius Strip noIcon cross Dressed in a complete set of Dr. Mobius Clothes.
(Dr. Mobius' glove, Dr. Mobius' scrubs, Dr. Mobius' glasses)
1 - 100 xx009de7
Outer Space noIcon cross Dared to venture beyond the Big MT's perimeter...more than once! 2 - 100 xx00a44d
Outsmarted noIcon cross Completed Old World Blues 1 - 500 xx009de5
Spinal-Tapped noIcon cross Recovered X-8 vertebrae-pulse-de-sensitizer frequency! 1 - 500 xx009de3
VR the Champions I/II/III 3 ranks Completed the X-13 Basic/Advanced Infiltration and Robot Compliance tests 3 runs - 100 xx00a449

Lonesome Road challengesEdit

Name Recurring Requirement Amount to do Perk Given XP Base ID
Condemned to Repeat It noIcon cross Launched the nuclear missile from the Ashton silo. 1 - 500 xx00a5fd
ED-Ecated noIcon cross Find all of ED-E's upgrades in the Divide. 5 Camarader-E 500 xx00a5fc
Hometown Hero noIcon cross Completed Lonesome Road. 1 - 500 xx00a5fe
Rocket's Red Glare noIcon cross Acquired all upgrades for the Divide's signature weapon. 3 - 500 xx00a601
Warhead Hunter noIcon cross Detonated all of the warheads in the Divide. 30 - 500 xx00a604
Ends of the Earth noIcon cross Discovered all the locations in the Divide. 25 - 100 xx00a5ff
Most Likely To... noIcon cross Uncovered all 6 references to the past of Courier 6... your past. 6 - 100 xx00a5f9
Nostalgia noIcon cross Found all journal entries in the Divide. 10 - 100 xx00a5f8
Feel Like A Kid Again noIcon cross Find all of the RALPHIE the Robot posters in the Divide. 20 - 100 xx00ca7a
The Courier's Mile noIcon cross Dared to venture into the Courier's Mile. 1 - 100 xx00a600
Ulysses' Odyssey noIcon cross Discovered all about Ulysses' past. 6 - 100 xx00a5fa

Gun Runners' Arsenal challengesEdit

Name Level Recurring Requirement Amount to do Perk Given XP Base ID
Against All Tyrants ★★★ noIcon cross Kill any named Legion members with Hunting Revolvers, Ranger Sequoias, Brush Guns, Service Rifles, Hunting Rifles, or Cowboy Repeaters. 10 - 1000 xx000a54
Armed For Bear ★★★ noIcon cross Kill any named NCR Ranger or commissioned officer (Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General) with Machetes, Rippers, Chainsaws, Throwing Spears, or Ballistic Fists. 15 - 1000 xx000a58
A Slave Obeys noIcon cross Kill Mr. House with a 9 iron or Nephi's golf driver. 1 - 250 xx000a5a
Benefit Or a Hazard noIcon cross Kill Robots with 5.56mm pistol (GRA). 15 - 250 xx000a67
Crackerjack Timing ★★★ noIcon cross Kill Mojave Wasteland Cazadores with Tin grenades, long-fuse dynamite, and time bombs. 10 - 1000 xx000a60
Curios and Relics - noIcon cross Cause damage with unique Mojave Wasteland weapons. 10000 - 500 xx000a53
Deathclaw Pro Hunter ★★★ noIcon cross Kill adult Mojave Wasteland Deathclaws with .22 Pistols, Switchblades, Boxing Tape, Recharger Rifles, or Dynamite. 5 - 1000 xx000a4b
Dyin' Ain't Much of a Living ★★ noIcon cross Kill members of NCR or Legion hit squads with weapons affected by the Cowboy perk. 5 - 500 xx000a6c
Even a God-King Can Bleed ★★ noIcon cross Cripple Caesar's head with Throwing Spears. 1 - 500 xx000000
Historical Propriety ★★ noIcon cross Kill Caesar with a Knife or Combat Knife. 1 - 500 xx000a6a
Man-Machine Interface ★★★ noIcon cross Kill Mojave Wasteland Mr. Gutsies and Sentry Bots with Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles, Tire Irons, and Lead Pipes. 10 - 1000 xx000a63
Master of the Arsenal - noIcon cross Do damage with Gun Runners' Arsenal (GRA) Weapons. 10000 - 500 xx000000
Ne Ne Ne Ne... noIcon cross Cripple Right Arms with Shotguns. 5 - 250 xx000a51
Nyah! See? ★★ noIcon cross Kill Chairmen, White Gloves, or Omertas with any submachine gun, light machine gun, or minigun. 10 - 500 xx000a49
Overkill noIcon cross Kill Animals with any Fat Man or Fat mines. 20 - 250 xx000a4e
Sic Semper Tyrannis ★★ noIcon cross Kill President Kimball with any One-Handed Pistol. 1 - 500 xx000a68
Talk About Owned ★★ noIcon cross Kill Benny with his own gun, Maria. 1 - 500 xx000a4c
The Same Could Be Said of All Religious Weapons noIcon cross Kill Feral Ghouls with Maria, Gehenna, or Holy Frag Grenades. 15 - 250 xx000a5d
Vault 13's Revenge ★★ noIcon cross Kill Super Mutants with 5.56mm Pistols, Plasma Defenders, Plasma Grenades, Power Fists, Rippers, or the Bozar. 15 - 500 xx000a65
White Line Nightmare ★★ noIcon cross Kill Fiends, Vipers, or Jackals with Tire Irons, Baseball Bats, Lead Pipes, Machetes, .44 Magnum Revolvers, or Sawed-Off Shotguns. 20 - 500 xx000a4d
You Don't Belong In This World! noIcon cross Kill Abominations with Katanas, Dynamite, Machetes, Throwing Spears, Throwing Knives, and Throwing hatchets. 10 - 250 xx000a50

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