Dead Man's Hand

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Gametitle-FNV DM
Gametitle-FNV DM

Dead Man's Hand is a challenge added in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money.

Challenge requirements

Collect the Dead Man's Hand in Sierra Madre playing cards.


Grants 100 XP upon completion.


  • The Ace of Spades is found in the fountain where you first wake up and where you gather your team.
  • The 8 of Spades is found in the back of the cell Dog is located in at the police station.
  • The Ace of Clubs is found behind the curtain in the theater where you confront Dean.
  • The 8 of Clubs can be found in Cantina Madrid on the floor to the right of the terminal.
  • The Queen of Clubs is located in Vera's Suite.

Behind the scenes

The "dead man's hand" is the poker hand purported to be held by Wild Bill Hickok immediately prior to his murder. Although the "aces and eights" combination is widely associated with the hand, the fifth card often differs depending on the account. The Queen of Clubs is claimed to be the fifth card by Ripley's Believe It Or Not.


  • Dropping one of the cards and picking it back up again will increment the card count, effectively removing the need to pick up at least one of the additional cards in the hand. If repeated enough times, this bug can allow the player to complete the challenge after finding only one card. [platforms tag needed]
    • This exploit is only possible if the cards are somehow not automatically added to the player's Caravan deck when initially picked up. (Not collecting the caravan deck (Ghost Town Gunfight mission) prior to entering the Sierra Madre DLC works)
  • The card count may not be increased when first picking up a card in the dead man's hand. [platforms tag needed]
  • Dropping the cards into a container and then looting them again will (although you pick them up) cause them to disappear from your inventory. They have become part of your caravan deck. [platforms tag needed]


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