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The Dead Horses camp is a location in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts


The Dead Horses camp at Eastern Virgin is a makeshift base for the Dead Horses when they were called from Dead Horse Point at the behest of Joshua Graham.


You must travel through a canyon to reach this location. Be aware of the beartraps in the water that the Dead Horses had set up to keep the White Legs out, as those can do a fair amount of damage. This location consists of Angel Cave.

The camp contains six bighorner hide beds, of which four are occupied, a campfire, and many sacks and clay pots containing mostly plants or food.

Directly opposite to the entrance to Angel Cave you will find what looks to be a ramp of stone, if you climb your way on top of this 'ramp' you will come across a skeleton.


TB High Fiving


If you have the trait Wild Wasteland, upon entering the camp, a Dead Horses tribal named Two-Bears-High-Fiving will rush out of the Angel Cave and then head back in where he will stay. This refers to a mod from New Vegas Nexus that makes it optional to select the dialogue "Two bears high fiving" during the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas, while being tested by Doc Mitchell.[1]


This camp will be empty if you have completed Flight from Zion.


This Dead Horses camp only appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


  1. JE Sawyer states 'Two Bears High-Fiving' is based on NV-Nexus mod.

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