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Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 2 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Becky, owner of Becky's in the Den


{100}{}{You see the owner of the saloon.}
{101}{}{You see Becky.}
{150}{}{This looks like the owner.}
{151}{}{This is Becky, owner of this place.}
{153}{}{Hello, stranger, and welcome to my saloon. I'm Becky.}
{154}{}{Hello, I am }
{155}{}{. What's there to do around here?}
{156}{}{Hi, I'm }
{157}{}{. Can I ask some questions?}
{159}{}{Mag gah.}
{160}{}{Run along. I don't need your kind here.}
{162}{}{Screw you.}
{163}{}{I'm going.}
{164}{}{Sorry, no offense was meant. Can I ask something?}
{165}{}{Drink of whiskey is $5 and the gambling tables are right over there. Have a good one.}
{166}{}{Can I ask a question?}
{167}{}{I want a drink!}
{168}{}{Hmm, those are some cheap drinks. Let's see one.}
{169}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{170}{}{Vault 13? Nope, never heard of it.}
{171}{}{Hmm, can I ask something else?}
{172}{}{Damn, I need to find it. Bye.}
{173}{}{What would you like to know?}
{174}{}{Where's a good place to eat?}
{175}{}{Do you know where Vault 13 is?}
{176}{}{Why are your drinks so cheap?}
{177}{}{Nothing. Bye.}
{178}{}{Mom runs a little restaurant across town.}
{179}{}{Mommy! Mommy!}
{180}{}{One more question.}
{181}{}{Thanks. Bye.}
{182}{}{Beat it.}
{184}{}{I'll give you something to beat.}
{185}{}{Quick question first?}
{187}{}{A shot of whiskey is $5. Pay first.}
{189}{}{Here's the money.}
{190}{}{Changed my mind.}
{191}{}{I'm a little short of cash. Can I have a tab?}
{192}{}{Can I ask a question?}
{193}{}{Gotta go.}
{194}{}{Here's the drink. Anything else?}
{196}{}{Yeha, how about you and I...}
{198}{}{Hey, you don't enough cash for this drink. You're poorer than even these sops!}
{200}{}{Hmm, I'll come back.}
{201}{}{Hmm. Let me get someone to watch the bar. You and I can go into the back room and play a little game I call "First Strike." If you're good, well, there's "Ground Zero."}
{203}{}{Er...uh...I have to go.}
{205}{}{You were OK.}
{206}{}{Next time, let's play "Into the Glow." But for now...}
{207}{}{Can you do something for me?}
{208}{}{I have to go, but I'll come back.}
{209}{}{What can I do for you, sweet cheeks?}
{210}{}{I need some more lovin'.}
{211}{}{I got some questions.}
{212}{}{How can you sell your drinks so cheaply?}
{213}{}{How about a drink?}
{214}{}{Gotta run. See ya.}
{215}{}{Not now. Maybe later. Yes, definitely later.}
{216}{}{Can I ask a question?}
{217}{}{Later then.}
{218}{}{I have a still in the basement. I made it myself. Beats paying triple to those New Reno gangsters.}
{219}{}{Smart girl! I like that!}
{220}{}{Hmm, I have to go. I'll see you later.}
{221}{}{Why? Why did you destroy my still? You bastard!}
{222}{}{Nothing personal. I got paid to do it.}
{223}{}{I'm sorry.}
{225}{}{I'll just make another one, you know.}
{226}{}{I know.}
{227}{}{Well, that's good.}
{232}{}{Why? Why did you destroy my still? You bitch!}
{233}{}{Where are you, baby?}
{234}{}{Are you coming?}
{235}{}{I'm waiting.}
{236}{}{I'm in here, lover.}
{237}{}{I've got a bar to run.}
{238}{}{Follow me, sugar.}
{240}{}{How did you... Do that... Uhhh...}
{241}{}{It's O.K., size doesn't really matter.}
{242}{}{That was, ummm, nice -- I guess.}
{243}{}{Thanks, sweety; that was fun.}

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