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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for hostile slaves in Den slave run.


# 8. BF: Hostile Primitive
{245}{}{Quiet! They near.}
{246}{}{Kill bad men.}
{247}{}{No take family from me.}
{248}{}{I protect family.}
{249}{}{Must not find us.}
{250}{}{They bad people.}
# 9. BF: Hostile Nomad
{260}{}{Slavers are coming. Everyone quiet.}
{261}{}{Get ready. I think they're close now.}
{262}{}{I'm not going down without a fight.}
{263}{}{They'll never enslave us.}
{264}{}{Those slavers will pay for this.}
{265}{}{No slaver's going to take my family.}
# looks
# primitive
{100}{}{This man looks fairly strong and alert.}
{101}{}{She seems strong despite her size.}
# nomads
{200}{}{He seems to be awfully thin but angry.}
{201}{}{This one looks fairly strong.}
{202}{}{He moves with great speed.}
{210}{}{She doesn't seem to have ever bathed.}
{211}{}{She looks like strong fighter.}
{212}{}{This one doesn't seem like much trouble.}
# 12. Combat Float: Hostile Primitive
{300}{}{You die now!}
{301}{}{Me kill!}
{302}{}{You no hurt family!}
{303}{}{You no take family!}
{304}{}{I protect!}
{305}{}{I hurt you!}
{306}{}{You pay!}
{308}{}{I'm gonna hurt you.}
# 13. Combat Float: Hostile Nomad
{350}{}{You're not going to take my family, slaver!}
{351}{}{Die, slaving scum!}
{352}{}{You'll pay, you bastard!}
{353}{}{I'll fight to the death for my family!}
{354}{}{You won't get away with this!}
{355}{}{You're not leaving here with my friends!}
{356}{}{I'm going to get you for this!}
{357}{}{God damn slavers!}
{358}{}{You'll pay for this!}